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Arista, 1978

New Beginnings
  • UK release

  • Producer Jeffrey Lesser was convinced that Lambert's voice was more likely than Cousins' to produce hits for the Strawbs; hence a concentration on Lambert both on the album and in the choice of single releases, this one written by Cousins and Lambert (not their strongest composition in my view). The strategy in any case was probably doomed, unable to withstand the major changes affecting pop music as the punk tidal wave swept away the so-called dinosaurs of rock.

    An earlier version of the song with different lyrics, entitled "Sweet Voices" emerged in the trawl for material for the boxed set and appeared on Disc 3 of A Taste Of Strawbs.

    UK release

    "New Beginnings"/"Words Of Wisdom"
    (ARIST 179, Arista, Mar 1978)

    A simple Arista company sleeve.

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