PLEASE NOTE - gig in Wigan on 27 Jun has been rescheduled - date to be confirmed

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For details, and other upcoming gigs for John Ford, Hud, Brian & Cathryn
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Delighted to announce that the Electric Strawbs will be playing this year. The line-up is the "two Adams" line-up which played in 2012 - with Adam Wakeman on keyboards and Adam Falkner on drums. The format is apparently first half acoustic, second half electric. Venues as follows:

  • Fri 17 Jul, The Flowerpot, Derby
  • Sat 18 Jul, The Stables, Milton Keynes
  • Thu 23 Jul, Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne
  • Fri 24 Jul, Ribin 2, Bilston
  • Sat 25 Jul, Boom Boom Club, Sutton
  • Sun 26 Jul, Village Pump Folk Festival, Westbury
  • Sat 1 Aug, Achor Arts, Wingham
  • Venue details now on July/Aug gigs page

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    WAKEMANFEST - 1 NOV 2015

    Click on logo for bigger version

    News coming in of an extra-special Electric Strawbs gig, with Rick Wakeman joining the electric band on stage for the first time since 1971!

    Rick says on his site: "The Electric Strawbs of course will be very special as I will be joining them for 2 pieces. The Hangman and the Papist and also Where is this Dream of our Youth... and I will be using an original Hammond L100 similar to the one I used on the original recording at the Queen Elizabeth Hall."

    This is a three day event that would revolve around people Rick has worked with and his own band, The English Rock Ensemble. Full day on Friday, full day Saturday and a very special charity day on the Sunday which finishes around 5pm so everybody can head off home. It is hoped to be an annual event.

    Line-up currently includes Ricks English Rock Ensemble, Wakeman Cubed, a performance of Viv Stanshall's Sir Henry At Rawlinson's End, and the Cadbury Sisters. There are various Q&A sessions scheduled.

    The Gliderdrome
    Spain Place
    PE21 6HN

    Details of the line-up at:
    You can also pre-register for tickets.


    Some more acoustic dates running up to the year end, including, in December, a couple of large venue gigs supporting fellow 70s band Family, and another appearance at the Great British Folk Festival.

  • Sun 2 Aug - Inn-Ovation Festival (see above)
  • Fri 11 Sep - The Artrix, Bromsgrove
  • Thu 17 Sep - Square & Compass, Ilminster
  • Fri 18 Sep - Guildhall, St Ives
  • Fri 25 Sep - The Brook, Chatham
  • Sat 7 Nov - Westcoast Bar, Margate
  • Sat 27 Nov - Huntingdon Hall, Worcester
  • Sun 28 Nov - Cheese & Grain, Frome

  • Sun 6 Dec - Great British Folk Festival, Skegness

  • Thu 10 Dec - ABC, Glasgow (with Family)
  • Sun 13 Dec - Empire, Shepherds Bush (with Family)


    Rolling Stone magazine have voted Hero and Heroine number 44 in the Top 50 prog rock albums of all time!

    Check out


    There's a new CD/DVD package released in 1 June - Access All Areas which releases the 1990 Strawbs concert shown on UK TV on CD and DVD. The line up was Cousins, Hooper, Hudson, Willoughby, Demick and Parren.

    Track list is same for both formats:

  • Cut Like A Diamond
  • Something For Nothing
  • Ringing Down The Years
  • The Hangman And The Papist
  • Grace Darling
  • The River/Down By The Sea
  • Lay Down
  • Part Of The Union
  • Hero And Heroine
  • More info to be added on the album page in due course. Click on the image for a larger version.

    It was released on 8 June. There's a YouTube video extract of "Lay Down" taken from the release at:
    For an Amazon buy link see below:


    From 25 April 2015 Strawbs and Acoustic Strawbs will be represented by GTA Music Agency (Gilly Tarrant Associates), also representing the Blues Band (including Manfred Mann's Paul Jones, McGuinness Flint's Tom McGuinness, Rob Townshen from Family and others) and former Bonzo/Rutle Neil Innes.


    Dates contracted to the end of 2015 for by the previous agency, Rhino, will be of course be fulfilled.


    This is a new CD release of prog rock material by the Strawbs, came out in October 2014. In a review in Rolling Stone in 1974, Ken Barnes wrote: "Strawbs moved from folkier days to a lush, stately and mellotron-dominated sound, with similarities to Yes, King Crimson and the Moody Blues. They wrote more compelling songs than the former two, and possessed more lyrical/musical substance than the latter."

    'Prognostic' is the album that defines Strawbs once and for all as a prog rock force to be reckoned with. The music is powerful, yet melodic. The lyrics are biting, yet sensitive.

    For a track listing and other details, check out the the Prognostic album page.

    The release of 'Prognostic' ties in with the release of Dave Cousins' autobiography 'Exorcising Ghosts' which has committed reviews in Mojo, Classic Rock Prog, Uncut, Record Collector, Shindig, R2 and Froots. The album will receive full PR exposure in the major music press.

    Click on the picture for a larger version of the album cover.


    Conny Conrad, who collaborated with Dave on the splendid Cousins & Conrad: High Seas album, has news of a new album, Generations 3. Conny now has his own page in the related artists section of Strawbsweb, where you can get more info.

    In 2004, Conny invited Dave to collaborate on the first Generations album, which included two songs featuring Dave: "On The Horizon" and "Turn The Page", as well as an earlier version of "The Feng Shui Symphony" which also popped up on High Seas. In 2006, Conny's band, Dark Ocean, followed up with Cosmica, which included two songs with Cousins lyrics and vocals - "Bloodless Sun" and "Skip To My Lou", which of course also was included on Dave's 2007 Blue Angel Orchestra album, The Boy In The Saiilor Suit.

    Generations 2 included Cousins' contribution to a track called "Deep Inside" and now, Generations 3 has a completely new recorded version of "Bloodless Sun", and 25% of the income from the album goes to the charity "Rock For Your Children".

    You can buy the album at:


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  • Strawbs: Access All Areas (CD/DVD)
    Released Jun 2015

  • Strawbs: Prognostic
    Released Oct 2014. For info check the Prognostic album page

  • Exorcising Ghosts - Dave Cousins' book
    Published 1 Sep 2014. Still available from Witchwood Records online. Also available from Amazon worldwide and good music bookshops via Music Sales.

  • John Ford: No Talkin'
    Released June 2014 - A new instrumental album - available in MP3 or CD format from John's website , and other outlets, such as CD Baby shortly.

  • Sandy Denny & The Strawbs: All Our Own Work (2LP vinyl)
    A vinyl release of the extended album - order from the Numero Group

  • Roy Hill: Switzerland
    Released May 2014 - Roy's long awaited second album, available from the man himself - details on Roy's albums page

  • Strawbs - Deadlines
    Released Oct 2012 - Deadlines issued on CD with loads of bonus tracks - demos and early mixes. Available from Witchwood Records online.

  • Strawbs - Of A Time
    Released July 2012 - The long lost original version of Strawbs. Available from Witchwood Records online.

  • Acoustic Gold
    Released Aug 2011 - a stellar collection of classic and unreleased Acoustic Strawbs material

  • Sandy Denny - 19 Rupert Street
    On vinyl and CD. Both available Witchwood Records. A long lost tape of Sandy with Alex Campbell, informally recorded at Campbell's Glasgow home, including never-before heard material

  • Hero And Heroine In Ascencia
    Hero And Heroine re-recorded by the 2010 line-up

  • John Ford: Resurrected (The Very Best Of And Then Some)
    A John Ford best of plus new tracks. Buy as CD and Digital downloads from -

  • 40th Anniversary, Vol. 1: Strawberry Fayre
    a 2CD set compiled from the whole weekend extravanza. Buy from Witchwood Records. 15.99+P&P (or 27.00+P&P if you order this and Vol. 2)

  • 40th Anniversary, Vol. 2: Rick Wakeman & Dave Cousins
    CD + DVD. Pre-ordering live at Witchwood Records. 15.99+P&P (or 27.00+P&P if you order this and Vol. 1)

  • Sandy Denny & The Strawbs: All Our Own Work: The Complete Sessions
    The 1967 Copenhage Sessions with unreleased bonus tracks, remastered by Chris Tsangarides. Released 16 June. Track details.
    available from Witchwood Records

  • Strawbs At The BBC
    Track details and previews/reviews
  • Vol 1 (1CD)
    Live sessions by the Strawbs between 1968 and 1975.
  • Vol 2 (2CD)
    Three full hour BBC Live In Concert programmes from 1971 (including Rick Wakeman), 1973 and 1974.

  • Strawbs: Dancing To The Devil's Beat
    Strawbs' 40th anniversary album, featuring Oliver Wakeman
    Available from Witchwood Records.
    For preview/reviews see main album page.

  • Acoustic Strawbs: Live At Hampton Court Place (DVD)
    Acoustic Strawbs opened for the Rick Wakeman "Six Wives" spectacular at Hampton Court. Bonus audio tracks with Rick and Acoustics and a preview of the Six Wives live DVD.
    Available from Witchwood Records.
    For further details see main album page.

  • Cry No More: Temptation
    1980s Cry No More lost tracks released by Deepdene Records. To buy it, e-mail Deepdene Records or check out Roy Hill's MySpace

  • Cry No More: Live In Germany
    A live Cry No More show from 1990 released by Deepdene Records. To buy it, e-mail Deepdene Records or check out Roy Hill's MySpace

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