Wed 1 Oct - Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham-by-Sea
Fri 3 Oct - The Cellars, Eastney
Sat 4 Oct - Quartz Festival, Taunton
Sun 5 Oct - The Scene, Swansea
Click here for some gigs + venue and ticket info, rest to follow

For details, and other upcoming gigs for Hud, Brian & Cathryn
and other related bands - see gigs page.


Photo by Dick Greener from the Hop Farm Festival - visit the summer gigs page for more photos

Gig list


  • 1 Oct - Shoreham Rope Tackle Club
  • 3 Oct - Eastney (nr Southsea) The Cellars
  • 4 Oct - Quartz Festival, Queens College, Taunton
  • 5 Oct - The Scene, Swansea
  • 8 Nov - Poole Arts Centre (with Curved Air & Martin Turner)
  • 9 Nov - Norwich St Andrew's Hall (with Curved Air & Martin Turner)NOTE VENUE CHANGE
  • 12 Nov - St George's Theatre, Great Yarmouth
  • 15 Nov - Deal Astor Theatre
  • Canada

  • Fri 17 Oct - Studio at Hamilton Pl, Hamilton ON
  • Sat 18 Oct - Peter's Place, Gravenhurst ON
  • Sun 19 Oct - Schoolhouse, Burnston ON
  • Mon 20 Oct - Hughs Room, Toronto ON
  • Tue 21 Oct - Hughs Room, Toronto ON
  • Wed 22 Oct - Petit Campus, Montreal QC
  • Fri 24 Oct - Aeolian Hall, London ON
  • Sat 25 Oct - Chalmers Utd Church, Kingston ON
  • Tue 28 Oct - Festival Place, Edmonton AB


    The books were delivered last week and Dave spent a day at the warehouse on Friday signing and numbering the bookplates. They should be despatched in the next few days. Please send comments and reviews to: Dick Greener


    The bookplates are delivered loose with the book: Dave has signed and numbered them, but you then write your own name in under "EX LIBRIS", remove the backing and stick them in the book yourself. Mine is on the right hand page inside the hard cover - see pictures above.

    Last few pre-sale copies available

    A few of the limited run pre-sale copies with the bookplate are still available. You can order them from the address below and they'll be despatched before publication date on 1 Sept: Witchwood Records Online Shop for Exorcising Ghosts

    Book Launch Party - Astor Theatre, Deal, 29 August, 6pm-8pm

    There's a book launch party to be held on Friday 29 August at the Astor Theatre in Deal, between 6pm and 8pm (though I'd imagine there'll be a sojourn to one pub or another afterwards). There'll be a few solo songs from Dave and copies of the book for purchase and signing (or you can bring your own ..)

    Book launches - Canada and US

    Dave is hoping to be able to organise events for Canada (to coincide with the Toronto shows later this year (see below) and a trip to New York, no date as yet. More news as I have it.


    * UK £19.95 EXCLUDING postage and packing £3.95 ie £23.90 TOTAL

    * EU £21.99 EXCLUDING postage and packing £4.95 ie £26.94 TOTAL

    * Rest of world including North America £25.99 EXCLUDING postage and packing £5.95 ie £31.94 TOTAL

    PS for US customers, there is in fact no pull down for your state - please type in your State when you type in US, and Witchwood Records will be able to handle that.



    An opportunity to catch Roy live, and hear some of the new album.

    Roy Hill & Ty Watling – Sunday 22 June
    Ram Jam Club, 46 Richmond Road, Kingston KT2 5EE

    Same pattern as Tonbridge
    Doors open 6pm
    Showtime 7pm £5

    Ram Jam Club Kingston - The end of an era
    Roy Hill & Steve Whalley + Special Guests - Saturday 16 August

    Ram Jam Club, 46 Richmond Road, Kingston KT2 5EE
    Doors Open 7pm
    Showtime 8pm £5

    On September 1st the Ram Jam Club will be no more. Great small venues run by nice people who go out of their way to make you welcome are a dying breed. Roy has played many gigs there and enjoyed every single one of them. Roy and Steve Whalley will be making their last appearance at the Ram Jam Club on Saturday 16 August.


    A new instrumental album from John, in a Shadows vein, complete with tremolo. It includes "Joyce's Song", written for Jill's mother, a big music fan, who died recently.

    You can hear short snippets from the new album, and buy it in MP3 or CD format from John's website on the Buy CDs page, along with John's other music.

    It'll be available on other outlets, such as CD Baby shortly.


    1. The Reaper
    2. Spanish Jive
    3. No Talkin'
    4. Tomorrow's World
    5. Granny Takes A Trip
    6. Looking For Django
    7. Joyce's Song
    8. 36-34-36
    9. Lost Horizon
    10. Dead Ending


    STRAWBS: WITCHWOOD (the very best of)

    A new compilation coming out with a thoughtful selection of key songs, covering the A&M years from 1969's Strawbs to 1975's Nomadness.

    Focusing on the big-hitting middle period covering Grave New World, Bursting At The Seams and Hero And Heroine, it includes most of the key single releases and key tracks, though surprisingly not "Autumn".

    There's nothing from Dragonfly or Antiques & Curios, and only "Witchwood" from From The Witchwood. First compilation appearance for Rod Coombes' "A Mind Of My Own".


    1. Where Is This Dream Of Your Youth? (Cousins)
    2. Oh How She Changed (Cousins/Hooper)
    3. Witchwood (Cousins)
    4. Benedictus (Cousins)
    5. Heavy Disguise (Ford)
    6. New World (Cousins)
    7. Queen Of Dreams (Cousins)
    8. Lay Down (Cousins)
    9. The Winter And The Summer (Lambert)
    10. The River (Cousins)
    11. Down By The Sea (Cousins)
    12. Part Of The Union (Ford/Hudson)
    13. Shine On Silver Sun (Cousins)
    14. Round And Round (Cousins)
    15. Hero And Heroine (Cousins)
    16. Grace Darling (Cousins)
    17. Ghosts (Cousins)
    18. The Golden Salamander (Cousins)
    19. A Mind Of My Own (Coombes)


    Roy's long-awaited second studio album, his first since 1978, is out at last. Started in 2005, it has been nine years in the making. You can get it through Paypal direct from the man himself (payment address


  • £10 + £1.50 postage and packing UK
  • £10 + £4.00 postage and packing Europe
  • £10 + £5.00 postage and packing World Zone 1
  • £10 + £5.50 postage and packing World Zone 2

    You can download some of Roy's other albums and Cry No More material from the following Bandcamp sites, and check out some of Roy's video nasties on YouTube:

  • Roy's Bandcamp site - download most of Roy's albums
  • Cry No More's Bandcamp site - download Cry No More releases
  • Roy's YouTube videos
  • Tracks

    1. The Poison Hole
    2. Happy Ever After
    3. Torn
    4. Overdose
    5. Switzerland
    6. Happiness
    7. Lost Weekend
    8. Pain
    9. Soughate
    10. Refugees
    11. Onward
    12. Twisting Tale

    SANDY & THE STRAWBS: ALL OUR OWN WORK (Vinyl re-issue, 2LP)

    Witchwood Media have licensed Chicago-based vinyl specialist the Numero Group to produce a vinyl re-issue of the All Our Own Work album along with the bonus tracks which appeared on the 2011 CD release. The release is a 2LP package on the Numerophon label, with a different cover.

    You can order the album from: the Numero Group Sandy & The Strawbs page. Price is USD20 plus post & packing.

    Track list:

    Disc 1, Side A (Original 1973 Hallmark album)
    01. On My Way
    02. Who Knows Where The Time Goes
    03. Tell Me What You See In Me
    04. Always On My Mind
    05. Stay Awhile With Me
    06. Wild Strawberries

    Disc 1, Side B (Original 1973 Hallmark album)
    01. All I Need Is You
    02. How Everyone But Sam Was A Hypocrite
    03. Sail Away To The Sea
    04. Sweetling
    05. Nothing Else Will Do Babe
    06. And You Need Me

    Disc 2, Side A (Bonus tracks)
    01. Two Weeks Last Summer (Vanløse Bio alternate, previously unavailable on vinyl)
    02. Who Knows Where The Time Goes (with strings, previously unavailable on vinyl)
    03. Tell Me What You See In Me (Vanløse Bio alternate)
    04. Stay Awhile With Me (with strings, previously unavailable on vinyl)
    05. Nothing Else Will Do Babe (Vanløse Bio alternate with Denny vocal)
    06. And You Need Me (with strings, previously unavailable on vinyl)

    Disc 2, Side B (Bonus tracks)
    01. I've Been My Own Worst Friend (Vanløse Bio alternate, previously unavailable on vinyl)
    02. Poor Jimmy Wilson (Vanløse Bio alternate, previously unavailable on vinyl)
    03. Strawberry Picking (Vanløse Bio alternate, previously unavailable on vinyl)
    04. Pieces Of 79 and 15 (Strawberry Hill Boys 1966 Cecil House session)
    05. The Falling Leaves (Strawberry Hill Boys 1966 Cecil House session)
    06. Indian Summer (Strawberry Hill Boys 1966 Cecil House session)

    CRUISING 2014

    Photo by David Clifton, there are more photos from David here

    We've got photos of the Strawbs on the recent cruise ship trip, the unique line-up of Cousins, Lambert, Cronk and John Hawken and Tony Fernandez. By all accounts a cracking experience - especially the Storyteller session from the Cruise To The Edge trip, which you can see on video on You Tube at:


    Check out the reviews and pics of a great tour - two storming performances at London's Borderline and the Beaverwood Club in Chiselhurst on 5/6 Feb. Then another two gigs in Sale and Wingham in Kent. Lengthy song by song review from me on London/Chiselhurst and some reviews and comments from others on the electric tour page. Lots of pictures from both gigs now added.



    Newly re-mastered, the final Strawbs album of the classic 70s period, with loads of bonus tracks - band demos, raw Dave Cousins home demos, outtakes and alternate versions.


    A loving recreation of the very first Strawbs A&M album, as delivered to the record company and rejected in 1968, with numerous bonus tracks - outtakes, remixes and demos


    News in of some licensed Japanese editions of Witchwood Media albums - but with very different (and rather tasty) pacakging in some cases. For the collectors amongst us as they're quite pricey as imports ...

    Strawberry Sampler

    Of A Time


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  • Exorcising Ghosts - Dave Cousins' book
    Publishing 1 Sep 2014. Pre-order deal still available (but list of names to be included is closed) from Witchwood Records online.

  • OUT NOW !
  • John Ford: No Talkin'
    Released June 2014 - A new instrumental album - available in MP3 or CD format from John's website , and other outlets, such as CD Baby shortly.

  • Roy Hill: Switzerland
    Released May 2014 - Roy's long awaited second album, available from the man himself - details on Roy's albums page

  • Strawbs - Deadlines
    Released Oct 2012 - Deadlines issued on CD with loads of bonus tracks - demos and early mixes. Available from Witchwood Records online.

  • Strawbs - Of A Time
    Released July 2012 - The long lost original version of Strawbs. Available from Witchwood Records online.

  • Acoustic Gold
    Released Aug 2011 - a stellar collection of classic and unreleased Acoustic Strawbs material

  • Sandy Denny - 19 Rupert Street
    On vinyl and CD. Both available Witchwood Records. A long lost tape of Sandy with Alex Campbell, informally recorded at Campbell's Glasgow home, including never-before heard material

  • Hero And Heroine In Ascencia
    Hero And Heroine re-recorded by the 2010 line-up

  • John Ford: Resurrected (The Very Best Of And Then Some)
    A John Ford best of plus new tracks. Buy as CD and Digital downloads from -

  • 40th Anniversary, Vol. 1: Strawberry Fayre
    a 2CD set compiled from the whole weekend extravanza. Buy from Witchwood Records. £15.99+P&P (or £27.00+P&P if you order this and Vol. 2)

  • 40th Anniversary, Vol. 2: Rick Wakeman & Dave Cousins
    CD + DVD. Pre-ordering live at Witchwood Records. £15.99+P&P (or £27.00+P&P if you order this and Vol. 1)

  • Sandy Denny & The Strawbs: All Our Own Work: The Complete Sessions
    The 1967 Copenhage Sessions with unreleased bonus tracks, remastered by Chris Tsangarides. Released 16 June. Track details.
    available from Witchwood Records

  • Strawbs At The BBC
    Track details and previews/reviews
  • Vol 1 (1CD)
    Live sessions by the Strawbs between 1968 and 1975.
  • Vol 2 (2CD)
    Three full hour BBC Live In Concert programmes from 1971 (including Rick Wakeman), 1973 and 1974.

  • Strawbs: Dancing To The Devil's Beat
    Strawbs' 40th anniversary album, featuring Oliver Wakeman
    Available from Witchwood Records.
    For preview/reviews see main album page.

  • Acoustic Strawbs: Live At Hampton Court Place (DVD)
    Acoustic Strawbs opened for the Rick Wakeman "Six Wives" spectacular at Hampton Court. Bonus audio tracks with Rick and Acoustics and a preview of the Six Wives live DVD.
    Available from Witchwood Records.
    For further details see main album page.

  • Cry No More: Temptation
    1980s Cry No More lost tracks released by Deepdene Records. To buy it, e-mail Deepdene Records or check out Roy Hill's MySpace

  • Cry No More: Live In Germany
    A live Cry No More show from 1990 released by Deepdene Records. To buy it, e-mail Deepdene Records or check out Roy Hill's MySpace

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