A few Acoustic gigs through the spring and summer
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Dave Cousins' long-awaited biography Exorcising Ghosts is to be published on 1 Sep 2014. The first 500 early purchasers will receive a numbered advance copy before publication date with a unique specially designed "ex libris" bookplate, their copy will be signed by Dave and their name will be included in the book.

THIS SPECIAL OFFER IS NOW LIVE via Witchwood Records online shop. Pre-ordering will close on 30 April 2014.

UK 19.95 including postage and packing
EU and North America 21.99 including postage and packing
Rest of world 25.99 including postage and packing

I've had the pleasure of reading it in draft and there is loads of material which no-one (including ME!) ever knew about. It's an absolute must for Strawbs fans everywhere.

How did a working class boy from West London come to discover Sandy Denny and Rick Wakeman, work with iconic figures like David Bowie, Dickie Attenborough and Dame Vera Lynn, meet royalty, change the face of commercial radio, and be granted God's abundant blessings by The Pope?

'Exorcising Ghosts', written by Strawbs singer and songwriter, Dave Cousins, tells an extraordinary story from the revivalist folk scene of the 1960s, through chart-topping albums and singles, to stadium rock shows of the 1970s. Cousins spares no punches in the untold story of his discovery of Sandy Denny in a folk club in Earls Court and their time together in Denmark. He invited the unknown RickWakeman to join Strawbs, and within six months they moved from playing in folk clubs to headlining the Albert Hall.

The subsequent incarnation of Strawbs found pop stardom with the notorious hit, 'Part Of The Union', which ended in an acrimonious bloodbath in LosAngeles. Undeterred, Dave Cousins recast Strawbs as a prog-rock band, playing stadium shows across the USA and Canada.

In 1980, Dave Cousins turned down the chance to sign to Elton John's record label and entered his secret life, the nascent world of commercial radio. Like a roller coaster, Dave Cousins' life has had its ups and downs, but what a ride!

Click on the picture for a larger version.


Acoustic tour well underway with a few Acoustics-only shows, but most as a package with Curved Air and Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash. I went to the show in Eastbourne, great evening - check out the review and a few pics on the tour page.

  • CORRECTION - Sat 22 February, Village Hall, Blackawton
  • Thu 27 February, Brook Theatre, Chatham
  • Sat 1 March, Newcastle City Hall (with C Air MT W Ash)
  • Tue 4 March, Grand Theatre, Swansea (with C Air MT W Ash)
  • Fri 7 March, Town Hall, Hessle
  • Sat 8 March, Under Ground Theatre, Eastbourne
  • Sat 15 March, Kings Theatre, Southsea (with C Air MT W Ash)
  • Tue 18 March, Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury (with C Air MT W Ash)
  • CORRECTION - Thu 20 March, Cameo Hotel Theatre, Ipswich (with C Air MT W Ash)
  • ADDITIONAL DATE MISSED PREVIOUSLY - Fri 21 March, Tunbridge Wells Assembly Theatre (with C Air MT W Ash)
  • Sat 22 March, Fairfield Halls, Croydon (with C Air MT W Ash)
  • Sun 23 March, Corn Exchange, Exeter (with C Air MT W Ash)
  • Wed 26 March, Red Lion, Kings Heath
  • Sat 29 March, Palace Theatre, Southend (with C Air MT W Ash)
  • Sun 30 March, Cresset Theatre, Peterborough (with C Air MT W Ash)

Phopto by Dick Greener - click here for the tour pages.


Strawbs were so well received on the 2013 Moody Blues Cruise that they have been invited back again, not only to the Moodies Cruise, but a further cruise featuring the music of Yes and associated bands.

But NBB - both cruises will feature the full electric band this time, the first US trip for the full band in a few years!!

Line-up for the two cruises - John Hawken on keyboards and Tony Fernandez on drum join Cousins Lambert and Cronk on their travels.

John Hawken was Strawbs keyboard player on the two most successful North American albums, 'Hero & Heroine' and 'Ghosts'. He found early USA chart exposure as a member of the Nashville Teens who had a Top Twenty hit with 'Tobacco Road' in 1964. Prior to joining Strawbs, he was a founder member of Renaissance.

Tony Fernandez has been a member of Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble since 1975. He was a member of Strawbs between 1977 1980 and has played on previous recent shows in 2010 and at the Twickenham 40th anniversary weekend in 2009.

2 April - 7 April 2014
Departs Miami, Florida, visiting Grand Turk Island and Nassau

Guest bands: Strawbs, Zombies, Carl Plamer of ELP, Lighthouse and many many more.

7 April to 12 April 2014
Departs Miami, Florida, visiting Isla de Roatan, Honduras, and Cozumel, Mexico

Guest bands: Strawbs, Steve Hackett, Marillion, UK, PFM, Queensryche, Tangerine Dream, Renaissance, and the art of Roger Dean and many many more.


Back from New Zealand and enthralled by two storming performances at London's Borderline and the Beaverwood Club in Chiselhurst on 5/6 Feb. Then anither two gigs in Sale and Wingham in Kent. Lengthy song by song review from me on London/Chiselhurst and some reviews and comments from others on the electric tour page. Lots of pictures from both gigs now added.



Newly re-mastered, the final Strawbs album of the classic 70s period, with loads of bonus tracks - band demos, raw Dave Cousins home demos, outtakes and alternate versions.


A loving recreation of the very first Strawbs A&M album, as delivered to the record company and rejected in 1968, with numerous bonus tracks - outtakes, remixes and demos


News in of some licensed Japanese editions of Witchwood Media albums - but with very different (and rather tasty) pacakging in some cases. For the collectors amongst us as they're quite pricey as imports ...

Strawberry Sampler

Of A Time


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  • Exorcising Ghosts - Dave Cousins' book
    Publishing 1 Sep 2014. Pre-order deal now available till 30 April from Witchwood Records online.

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  • Strawbs - Deadlines
    Released Oct 2012 - Deadlines issued on CD with loads of bonus tracks - demos and early mixes. Available from Witchwood Records online.

  • Strawbs - Of A Time
    Released July 2012 - The long lost original version of Strawbs. Available from Witchwood Records online.

  • Acoustic Gold
    Released Aug 2011 - a stellar collection of classic and unreleased Acoustic Strawbs material

  • Sandy Denny - 19 Rupert Street
    On vinyl and CD. Both available Witchwood Records. A long lost tape of Sandy with Alex Campbell, informally recorded at Campbell's Glasgow home, including never-before heard material

  • Hero And Heroine In Ascencia
    Hero And Heroine re-recorded by the 2010 line-up

  • John Ford: Resurrected (The Very Best Of And Then Some)
    A John Ford best of plus new tracks. Buy as CD and Digital downloads from -

  • 40th Anniversary, Vol. 1: Strawberry Fayre
    a 2CD set compiled from the whole weekend extravanza. Buy from Witchwood Records. 15.99+P&P (or 27.00+P&P if you order this and Vol. 2)

  • 40th Anniversary, Vol. 2: Rick Wakeman & Dave Cousins
    CD + DVD. Pre-ordering live at Witchwood Records. 15.99+P&P (or 27.00+P&P if you order this and Vol. 1)

  • Sandy Denny & The Strawbs: All Our Own Work: The Complete Sessions
    The 1967 Copenhage Sessions with unreleased bonus tracks, remastered by Chris Tsangarides. Released 16 June. Track details.
    available from Witchwood Records

  • Strawbs At The BBC
    Track details and previews/reviews
  • Vol 1 (1CD)
    Live sessions by the Strawbs between 1968 and 1975.
  • Vol 2 (2CD)
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  • Strawbs: Dancing To The Devil's Beat
    Strawbs' 40th anniversary album, featuring Oliver Wakeman
    Available from Witchwood Records.
    For preview/reviews see main album page.

  • Acoustic Strawbs: Live At Hampton Court Place (DVD)
    Acoustic Strawbs opened for the Rick Wakeman "Six Wives" spectacular at Hampton Court. Bonus audio tracks with Rick and Acoustics and a preview of the Six Wives live DVD.
    Available from Witchwood Records.
    For further details see main album page.

  • Cry No More: Temptation
    1980s Cry No More lost tracks released by Deepdene Records. To buy it, e-mail Deepdene Records or check out Roy Hill's MySpace

  • Cry No More: Live In Germany
    A live Cry No More show from 1990 released by Deepdene Records. To buy it, e-mail Deepdene Records or check out Roy Hill's MySpace

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