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Rick Wakeman & Dave Cousins front cover


This is a CD + DVD package. See CD and DVD track lists below. The DVD contains the same songs along with the banter, chat and anecdotes which made this performance such a delightful ending to the first day of the Twickenham weekend gig.

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CD Track listing

  1. The Hangman And The Papist
  2. Witchwood
  3. Martin Luther King's Dream
  4. October To May
  5. Temperance Of Mind
  6. Can You Believe?
  7. A Glimpse Of Heaven
  8. The Shepherd's Song

DVD Track listing

  1. Introduction - Fred Wedlock
  2. The Hangman And The Papist - Rick Wakeman and Dave Cousins
  3. Spotted Dick - Story
  4. October To May - Rick Wakeman and Dave Cousins
  5. Coretta King - Story
  6. Martin Luther Kings Dream - Rick Wakeman and Dave Cousins
  7. Cooked hamster and Rick's second instrument Story
  8. Witchwood - Rick Wakeman and Dave Cousins
  9. Whatever comes into your head - Audience interaction
  10. Temperance Of Mind - Rick Wakeman
  11. Different tunings Story
  12. Can You Believe? - Rick Wakeman and Dave Cousins
  13. The candles and the bucket - Story
  14. A Glimpse Of Heaven - Rick Wakeman and Dave Cousins
  15. Every single pub - Story
  16. The Shepherd's Song - Rick Wakeman and Dave Cousins

Now with three great extras:

  1. A few words from Rick Wakeman
  2. A few words from Dave Cousins
  3. * Preview - Evergreen - Strawbs with the Royal Artillery Orchestra


Rick Wakeman (kybds)
Dave Cousins (vcls, gtr, banjo)

* Evergreen
Dave Cousins
Dave Lambert
Chas Cronk
Royal Artillery Orchestra arranged/conducted by Robert Kirby

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