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  • UK
  • German release
  • Australian release
  • New Zealand release
  • South African release
  • Cassette & 8-track
  • UK cassette
  • UK 8-track
  • As far as is known, the album was not released in the US or Canada, and it has never been released on CD. There is a UK 8-track, and I presume therefore it was also available on cassette in the UK as well.

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    UK release

    Vinyl album (UK): AMLH 68259 (A&M, 1974). Gatefold sleeve, outside features melting strawberry image (along with bemused stuffed rabbit). Inside spread has photographs of various band line-ups, with joining and leaving dates. Sleeve notes by Sounds journo (and longtime Strawbs supporter) Jerry Gilbert. Released with silver A&M label.

    Front and back of sleeve

    Inner spread


    German release

    Vinyl album (Germany): 88 249 ET (A&M, 1974). Same as UK release except bcakl cover has German cat no at top left, Ariola/German printing info at bottom.


    Austalian release

    Vinyl album: L32,598 (A&M, 1974). Same gatefold sleeve as UK release, except with Festival cat no at top right of back cover and Festival details at the foot of the back cover. Inside is identical. Silver A&M label.

    New Zealand release

    Vinyl album (NZ): L32598 (A&M, 1975?). Same sleeve as UK release but outside is textured like a bound leather book. Surprisingly it's a brown A&M label, even though the date on the label is 1975 (later than the UK release in 1974). If that's correct, then that's the last brown label release anywhere (I think).

    South African release

    The South African release has silver labels. The front, inner spread are identical to the UK release. The back cover is a much lighter colour, as though it was left out in the South African sun {grin}. Same catalogue number as UK, but revised details at the foot of the back cover.

    Back cover



    UK cassette release (*)

    cassette: CAM 68259 (A&M, UK, 1975). Spotted online.

    Cassette cover


    UK 8-track release

    8-track: YAM 68259 (A&M, 1974). Comes in a standard A&M standard black card box, with the same label running over the front back and closed end of the box as is applied to the cartridge itself. . Back has generic information. Running order only slightly different to album (good thing too as the album is supposed to be a retrospective of Strawbs musical development).

    Outer front and back

    Front, back and head

    Running order

    Programme 1
    The Man Who Called Himself Jesus
    Another Day

    Programme 2
    Song Of A Sad Little Girl
    The Shepherd's Song

    Programme 3
    Here It Comes
    Lay Down

    Programme 4
    The Actor
    Lay A Little Light On Me

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