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Strawbs/Dave Cousins cover

A real rarity, this is a Japan-only sampler of Strawbs and Dave Cousins material (from Two Weeks Last Summer), all featuring Rick Wakeman. The initial printing of this item is as above; at some point however, Rick Wakeman really took off in Japan (with his solo album Six Wives Of Henry VIII) and the cover was redone in plain white, but with an insert which hardly featured Strawbs at all, but with Wakeman and even other keyboard wizards being given much more prominence.

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Dave Cousins (gtrs, vcls)
Rick Wakeman (kybds,)
* and ** Tony Hooper(gtrs, vcls)
* and ** Richard Hudson (dms, perc, vcls)
* and ** John Ford (bs, vcls)
*** Roger Glover (bs)
*** Miller Anderson (gtrs)
*** Jon Hiseman (dms)

* from Antiques And Curios
** from From The Witchwood
*** Two Weeks Last Summer

Track listing

  1. **Sheep (Cousins)
  2. **The Hangman And The Papist (Cousins)
  3. *Where Is This Dream Of Your Youth (live)(Cousins)
  1. ***Blue Angel (Cousins)
  2. **I'll Carry On Beside You (Cousins)
  3. *Song Of A Sad Little Girl (Cousins)
  4. *Temperament Of Mind (Wakeman)

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