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  • UK
  • UK reissue
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Cassette
  • UK cassette
  • UK cassette reissue
  • CD
  • UK CD release
  • Japanese CD release
  • 2CD release with Ringing Down The Years
  • DAT
  • South African DAT release
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    UK release

    Vinyl album: TOOTS3 (Strawberry Hill Productions, UK, 1987). Single sleeve, cartoon illustration. No lyric sheet or inner.

    The copy scanned has a sticker at the bottom right of the back cover, from the record shop I bought it from. Back in the 80s I used to travel around university town in the ULK, visiting potential authors in the law schools. I usually used to make time to visit a local record shop, naturally. I was browsing in Catapilla in Exeter, Devon, when I heard "Something Or Nothing", thinking first it might be Peter Gabriel, but realising quickly it was the dulcet tones of one D. Cousins. I had no idea what it was, or that the Strawbs had very recently released a new album, the first for nearly nine years. It turned out this was a very early copy that the record shop owner (who was a former memer of Vertigo prog band Catapilla, hence the name of the shop) had had it from Dave Cousins, who lived not far away. But there was no way in heaven that I was going to leave the shop without it, so he very kindly sold it to me, and I went home a happy Strawbs fan.

    Front and back covers

    Autographed back covers

    I have acquired two autographed copies of this album, one with just Dave's signature, dated pretty much when this was released. The other has the full band's signatures, dated by DC in 1989.


    UK reissue

    Vinyl album: Strawbs 1 (EMI Chord re-issue, UK, 1987) Single sleeve, cartoon illustration. No lyric sheet or inner.

    Canadian release

    Vinyl album: VL 3018 (Virgin Canada, 1987) Single sleeve, no lyric sheet or anything. Front cover is exactly same as UK, back cover very similar but with Virgin logos and details etc.

    Back cover


    Japanese release

    Vinyl album: Alfa ALI 38130 (Japan, 1988) Single sleeve, with 4pp booklet. Page 1 has Japanese sleeve notes and track listing. Pages 2 & 3 have English and Japanese lyrics, a few typos but not bad. The last page has a minimalist reproduction of the cover image.

    Japanese back cover and obi (back and front)

    Insert outer

    Insert inner spread



    UK cassette release

    Cassette: no release number (UK, 1987) Cartoon on front cover, track listing and credits inside. Same running order as album.

    First release - outer and inner cover

    DSG cass first outer cover DSG cass first inner cover

    First release - cassettes

    UK cassette reissue

    Second release - outer cover (inner is blank)

    DSG cass second outer cover

    Second release - cassettes


    UK CD release

    CD: CD009 (CHORD, 1987). Booklet reproduces front and back covers of album sleeve, with 6 pages of photos of band not included in vinyl package. No lyrics.

    Booklet front (p1) and back (p8)

    Booklet pages front and back

    Booklet pages 2 & 3

    Booklet pages 2 & 3

    Booklet pages 4 & 5

    Booklet pages 4 & 5

    Booklet pages 6 & 7

    Booklet pages 6 & 7

    CD and tray back

    CD tray back

    Japanese CD release

    CD: Alfa 32XB-253 (Japan). Lyrics insert in English and Japanese, which is a reduced size version of the Japanese LP version above.


    CD and Obi

    Tray back

    2CD release with Ringing Down The Years

    CD: RGF/WC DCD039 (ROAD GOES ON FOREVER, 1998, 2 CD set with Ringing Down The Years).Newly designed cover; booklet includes lyrics to both albums, but no photos.

    Booklet front (p1) and back (p12)

    Booklet pages front and back

    Booklet pp 2 & 3

    Booklet pages 2 & 3

    Booklet pp 4 & 5

    Booklet pages 4 & 5

    Booklet pp 6 & 7

    Booklet pages 6 & 7

    Booklet pp 8 & 9

    Booklet pages 8 & 9

    Booklet pp 10 & 11

    Booklet pages 10 & 11


    CD1 CD2

    Tray back and inner

    tray back tray inner


    South African DAT release

    DAT: STRAWBS DAT1 (EMI Chord). Limited edition of 100 copies for export to South Africa.

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