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Strawberry Fayre front cover


Strawberry Fayre was released on 5th October 2010, Vol. 1 is a 2CD set of highlights from the whole weekend, with a 16 page booklets with photographs and line-up details. The track listing is below.

Heartbreak Hill MP3 extract from Strawberry Fayre

A sneak preview - click on the Heartbreak Hill line-up picture (above) to listen to an excerpt from their live version of "Heartbreak Hill" from the 40th anniversary, mixed and mastered by our very own Chas Cronk. Turn it up good and loud - I think it'll knock your socks off!

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Track listing


  1. Heartbreak Hill – Strawbs (Heartbreak Hill line-up)
  2. Starting Over – Strawbs (Heartbreak Hill line-up)
  3. Landslide – Cry No More
  4. Don't Leave Me Here – Cry No More
  5. Skip To My Lou – Dave Cousins & Blue Angel Orchestra
  6. Hellfire Blues – Dave Cousins & Blue Angel Orchestra
  7. On My Way – Acoustic Strawbs With Sonja Kristina
  8. All I Need Is You – Acoustic Strawbs With Sonja Kristina
  9. Autumn – Strawbs (current line-up)
  10. Lay Down – Strawbs (current line-up)
  11. Angie – Zeus
  12. True Love – Zeus
  13. October To May – Rick Wakeman & Dave Cousins
  14. Can You Believe – Rick Wakeman & Dave Cousins


  1. Blue Angel – Strawbs (Blue Angel line-up)
  2. Cry No More – Strawbs (Blue Angel line-up)
  3. Alice's Song – Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby
  4. That Ol' Guitar – Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby
  5. Copenhagen – Acoustic Strawbs
  6. Josephine – Acoustic Strawbs
  7. Together Apart – John Ford
  8. Floating In The Wind – John Ford
  9. Song Of A Sad Little Girl – Dave Cousins & Ian Cutler
  10. Grace Darling – Dave Cousins & Ian Cutler
  11. Flies Like A Bird – Fire
  12. Father's Name Is Dad –Fire
  13. Evergreen - Acoustic Strawbs &The Royal Artillery Orchestra (conducted by Robert Kirby)
  14. Where Silent Shadows Fall - Strawbs (current line-up) & RA Orchestra (conducted by Robert Kirby)

Musicians (other than specified in track listing)

Strawbs: Current line-up

Dave Cousins (vcls, gtrs)
Dave Lambert (vcls, gtrs)
Chas Cronk (vcls, bass, 12-string)
Rod Coombes (drums, perc)
Oliver Wakeman (kybds)

Strawbs: Heartbreak Hill line-up

Dave Cousins (vcls, gtrs)
Jo Partridge (gtrs)
Chas Cronk (vcls, bass)
Andy Richards (kybds)
Tony Fernandez (drums)

Strawbs: Blue Angel line-up

Dave Cousins (vcls, gtrs, dulcimer)
Cathryn Craig (vcls, perc)
Brian Willoughby (gtrs)
Blue Weaver (kbds)
Tony Fernandez (drums)

Acoustic Strawbs

Dave Cousins (vcls, gtrs)
Dave Lambert (vcls, gtrs)
Chas Cronk (vcls, bass, bass pedals, 12-string)


Dave Lambert (vcls, gtrs)
Graeme Taylor (vcls, gtrs)
Tom Leary (fiddle)
Jon Davie (bass)


Dave Lambert (vcls, gtrs)
Dick Dufall (vcls, bass)
Bob Voice (vcls, drums, perc)

Cry No More

Chas Cronk (vcls, bass, bass pedals, 12-string)
Roy Hill (vcls, gtr)

Blue Angel Orchestra

Dave Cousins (vcls, gtrs)
Ian Cutler (fiddle)
Chas Cronk (bass)
Melvyn Duffy (steel, electric and hawaiian gtrs)
Chris Hunt (drums, perc)


2CD digipak (UK): WMDCD 2048 (Witchwood Media, Oct 2010)

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