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Greatest Hits Live cover

Recorded in 1990 for Central TV's Bedrock series, this show sees the late 80s/early 90s Cousins, Demick, Hooper, Hudson, Parren, Willoughby line-up put through their paces on the then more or less standard Strawbs set. This was first made available in 1992 as a video in both PAL and NTSC format of the same title - Strawbs Greatest Hits Live. More recently, in 2001, it was re-issued on DVD (and VHS) as Classic Rock Legends.

The starred tracks below only appear in audio format.

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Dave Cousins (vcls, ac gtrs)
Tony Hooper (vcls, ac gtrs)
Richard Hudson (drms, vcls)
Brian Willoughby (ld gtrs)
Chris Parren (kybds)
Rod Demick (bs, vcls)

Track listing

  1. Cut Like A Diamond (Cousins/Cronk)
  2. Something For Nothing (Cousins/Cronk)
  3. The Hangman And The Papist (Cousins)
  4. Ringing Down The Years (Cousins)
  5. *Stormy Down (Cousins)
  6. *Afraid To Let You Go (Demick/Hudson/Willoughby)
  7. Grace Darling (Cousins)
  8. The River/Down By The Sea (Cousins)/(Cousins)
  9. Lay Down (Cousins)
  10. Part Of The Union (Hudson/Ford)
  11. Hero And Heroine (Cousins)

Sleeve Notes

To follow.

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