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  • UK 2CD/1DVD release, 2020
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    UK 2CD/1DVD release, 30 Oct 2020

    2CD/1DVD: Crest DP111 (Mooncrest UK, 2020): . Nice packaging. Double fold out, opening to 4 "panes" on either side, with the discs posted into slots on inner panes 2-4. A 12pp booklet is inserted from the edge of inner pane 1. The cellohpane wrapping had a circular yellow sticker.

    Tray outer (middle two panes)

    Live outer cover

    Tray outer (outer two panes folded in)

    Live cover inner flaps

    Tray inner (left hand inner panes)

    Live left hand inner

    Tray inner (right hand inner panes)

    Live right hand inner


    Live booklet outer
    Live booklet pp2-3
    Live booklet pp4-5
    Live booklet pp6-7
    Live booklet pp8-9
    Live booklet pp10-11

    CDs, DVD and sticker

    Live CD1 Live CD2
    Live DVD sticker

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