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Preview by Dick Greener, now on the reviews page.

Moving Pictures cover A new solo album from Dave Cousins, a live performance with just Dave and his guitar, the songs as they were first envisaged, and delivered with all the passion we know Dave can bring.

Still available at 12, from Witchwood Records online shop.

The recordings are from Dave's only solo tour of the States, beautifully recorded and produced. Dave's songs were originally created with just Dave and his guitar, and this is a unique opportunity to experience the power and emotion of those songs. Tracks include some of his most epic works: "Blue Angel", "Ringing Down The Years", "Hanging In The Gallery", "Beside The Rio Grande" and the CD also includes the between-song intros, Dave with the audience in the palm of his hand as ever.

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Dave Cousins (vcls, ac gtr)

Track listing

  1. The Gallery
  2. Hanging In The Gallery
  3. The Sad Little Girl
  4. Song Of A Sad Little Girl
  5. The Troubadour
  6. Ringing Down The Years
  7. The Shepherd
  8. The Shepherd's Song
  9. Saving Grace
  10. Grace Darling
  11. Ways And Means
  12. Action Station
  13. The Call To Action
  14. Feeling Blue
  15. Blue Angel
  16. New Mexico
  17. Beside The Rio Grande
  18. Farewell
  19. We'll Meet Again Sometime

Song intros in normal type, songs in bold


CD: WMCD 2057, Witchwood Media, 2015. This recording gives us Dave Cousins completely solo. Beautifully recorded and produced, it is Cousins at his starkest and most emotive, all alone with just his guitar.

Front and back of insert

Moving Pictures front cover Moving Pictures back cover
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