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Dave Cousins' long-awaited biography Exorcising Ghosts is to be published on 1 Sep 2014. The first 500 early purchasers will receive a numbered advance copy before publication date with a unique specially designed "ex libris" bookplate, their copy will be signed by Dave. Those who ordered before 15 May will have their name included in the book.

I've had the pleasure of reading it in draft and there is loads of material which no-one (including ME!) ever knew about. It's an absolute must for Strawbs fans everywhere.

PRE-ORDERING STILL AVAILABLE via Witchwood Records online shop, but NB list of names to go in the book has now closed.

The prices quoted on this website and in previous e-mails should have been stated as EXCLUSIVE not INCLUSIVE of post and packing. We are using the books section of the Witchwood Records shop site, and it uses fixed post and packing charges across each of the regions, which doesn't work for Dave's book. Accordingly we have adjusted the underlying price to cover the additional costs for Europe, US, rest of world. But the standard books section post & packing charge for each region is then added.

Apologies for the confusion - my mistake. For avoidance of doubt here are the prices again:

* UK 19.95 EXCLUDING postage and packing 3.95 ie 23.90 TOTAL

* EU 21.99 EXCLUDING postage and packing 4.95 ie 26.94 TOTAL

* Rest of world including North America 25.99 EXCLUDING postage and packing 5.95 ie 31.94 TOTAL

PS for US customers, there is in fact no pull down for your state - please type in your State when you type in US, and Witchwood Records will be able to handle that.

How did a working class boy from West London come to discover Sandy Denny and Rick Wakeman, work with iconic figures like David Bowie, Dickie Attenborough and Dame Vera Lynn, meet royalty, change the face of commercial radio, and be granted God's abundant blessings by The Pope?

'Exorcising Ghosts', written by Strawbs singer and songwriter, Dave Cousins, tells an extraordinary story from the revivalist folk scene of the 1960s, through chart-topping albums and singles, to stadium rock shows of the 1970s. Cousins spares no punches in the untold story of his discovery of Sandy Denny in a folk club in Earls Court and their time together in Denmark. He invited the unknown RickWakeman to join Strawbs, and within six months they moved from playing in folk clubs to headlining the Albert Hall.

The subsequent incarnation of Strawbs found pop stardom with the notorious hit, 'Part Of The Union', which ended in an acrimonious bloodbath in LosAngeles. Undeterred, Dave Cousins recast Strawbs as a prog-rock band, playing stadium shows across the USA and Canada.

In 1980, Dave Cousins turned down the chance to sign to Elton John's record label and entered his secret life, the nascent world of commercial radio. Like a roller coaster, Dave Cousins' life has had its ups and downs, but what a ride!

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