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Updated September 2005

Further update to come

The Strawbs can't be said to have had a quiet history, which makes for an interesting, if a tad unwieldy, family tree. You can view the entire tree, or, for easier viewing on smaller monitors, in four smaller parts. Either way, make your window as large as possible for best results. Please send corrections, comments, additions or insight to

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Family tree created by Dwight Hodge copyright Copyright Dwight Hodge 2005. May not be reproduced without permission. Thanks to Denise, Terry, Hud and Brian. Apologies and great respect to Pete Frame.

Full Strawbs family tree

Dwight Hodge has updated the Strawbs family tree - this includes spin offs and offshoots

Part 1 - Origin to Bursting at the Seams (Strawbs 1-9)

The early days from Strawberry Hill Boys to glam/folk rockers

Part 2 - Hero and Heroine to breakup in 1980 (Strawbs 10-17)

The gothic/prog rock period in the latter half of the 70s

Part 3 - Hudson-Ford (Velvet Opera, Hudson-Ford, Monks, High Society)

What John and Hud did after the break up

Part 4 - The 80s and 90s (Strawbs 18-22)

After the reformation in 1983 through to nearly the present day.

Just the Strawbs family tree

The Strawbs family tree without spin offs and offshoots

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