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Part 1: Folk Club Days

Early days - bluegrass, folk and pop - Sandy Denny, Ron Chesterman, Strawberry Hill Boys and beyond. Signed to A&M, produced and engineered by Gus Dudgeon, Tony Visconti

Part 2: Electric Band

From Wakeman to the Post BATS breakup - Strawbs' journey from folk to rock, recording some of the seminal albums in Strawbs repertoire

Part 3: After The Break

Hudson-Ford pick up the pieces; Cousins and Lambert re-group and secure North American success with Hero And Heroine and Ghosts; Nomadness to Deadlines

Part 4: Don't Say Goodbye

Reformation in 1983 for Cambridge and beyond, touring and recording again up to the 25th anniversary celebrations in 1993

Part 5: End of the Millenium

Strawbs make it to cyberspace; 30th anniversary show at Chiswick in 1998 ushers in new lease of life for the electric band

Part 6: Acoustic Odyssey

Acoustic Strawbs emerges triumphantly, touring in the UK, US and beyond. Strawbs' own label Witchwood Records is formed to release Strwabs and erlated material

Part 7: Multiple Line-ups

Acoustic Strawbs loses Willoughby and gains Chas; not one but two electric line-ups in action and an all new album and North American/UK tours from the Hero And Heroine line-up

Part 8: 40 and Counting ...

Loads of releases on CD and DVD, the Six Wives gig at Hampton Court, a new Strawb - Oliver Wakeman, and then another one - John Young. The 40th anniversary weekend extravanagza in September 2009, followed in 2010 by various 40th related releases, material from the BBC vaults and the re-issue of Sandy and the Strawbs. Hero and Heroine live on tour and re-recorded.

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