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Updated: 18 Feb 2010

Relevant artists and others who have contributed over the years to the Strawbs story or who link to the Strawbsweb site.

Send any suggestions for inclusion (or broken links) to:

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TONY VISCONTI - Strawbs producer/arranger, also known for producing David Bowie, T Rex and many more

  • Tony Visconti's site
  • W

    THE WATERSONS/WATERSON-CARTHY - Folk royalty acappella legends in the 60s, the Watersons were the first non-Strawbs album released on Witchwood Media; they continue to deliver their distinctive brand of folk and continue to "keep it in the family" as Waterson-Carthy

  • Watersons history/discography site
  • Waterson-Carthy site
  • FRED WEDLOCK - A great mate of Dave Cousins', and he compered the 40th Anniversary celebration in Twickenham, Fred is an icon of the folk scene, and had a surprise hit with "The Oldest Swinger In Town".

  • Fred Wedlock site
  • CHRIS WHILE & JULIE MATTHEWS - formerly in the Albion Band, and from 1997 onwards as a duo, Chris & Julie rightfully have a huge following in the folk world. They guested on "Sunday Morning" on the Deja Fou album in 2004. In 2002 they debuted Blue Tapestry, where, along with other folk rock alumni (Maartin Allcock, Neil Marshall and Pete Zorn), they play the songs of their two main influences Carole King and Joni Mitchell.

  • While & Matthews site
  • Blue Tapestry site
  • MARTIN TURNER'S WISHBONE ASH/WISHBONE ASH - Acoustic Strawbs undertook a highly successful tour in 2009 in the UK with Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash and Focus. Links to the two versions of Wishbone below.

  • Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash site
  • Wishbone Ash site
  • X


    YES - Yes poached Rick Wakeman out from under the Strawbs' noses to add his distinctive keyboard sound.

  • Yesworld - the official Yes site, with all you could ever want to know about these archetypal progsters
  • Z

    ZEUS - New band featuring Dave Lambert along with Feast of Fiddles' Tom Leary, and guitarist Graeme Taylor and bassist Jon Davie (both Albion Band, Home Service etc.)

  • Feast of Fiddles site
  • Tom Leary's MySpace

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