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Strawbs - The Early A&M Years (1968-1973)
Strawbs - The Later A&M Years (1973-1975)
Strawbs - Oyster And Beyond (1976-1980)
Strawbs - latter days (1980s onwards)
Acoustic Strawbs
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1968 - Kew Gardens - Afghan coats

A photoshoot organised by their then manager John Gaydon - the coats was his idea

1970 - outside the William Gulliver

An early promo pic featuring Rick

1970 - Antiques line-up by the river

Used for promoting the Forever single

1970 - London Apprentice

Also used on the re-issued back cover of Antiques And Curios, taken in an old Strawbs haunt, The London Apprentice in Isleworth

1971 - hotel suite

One of the first promos to feature new recruit Blue Weaver who replaced Rick in 1971

1972 - Dave Cousins

A solo shot of Dave

1973 - Hud as "Teddy Boy"

Widely reproduced back then in the papers

1973 - Glam or what ?

Reflecting the Strawbs pre-occupation with "glam"

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