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Sent: 22 January 2008

Hi all

More January news from Strawbsweb.

Not ONE but TWO new albums to tell you about this time and some Stop Press
news about the March North American tour.

Still some news to come about some new features on the website, but that
may not be till February now owing to other pressures.



* Cousins US tour - Cutler joins for first 8 dates - corrected
* Dave Cousins: Secret Paths
* Best Of Strawbs (Zounds)


News just in that fiddle player Ian Cutler will be joining Dave Cousins for
the first part of Dave's "solo" tour. I understand he'll be with Dave for
the first 8 shows only, having to return to the UK for other commitments
after that.

We've already been delighted by Ian's fantastic fiddle playing over here in
the UK, both as part of the Blue Angel Orchestra, and at the one-off
Cousins, Cronk & Cutler gig back in November. We'll no doubt get the
chance to preview what those US shows will be like at the one-off Cousins &
Cutler folk club gig in Gillingham on 25 Feb.

Watch this space.


At the beginning of the year, Dave went into the studio with steel guitar
player Melvin Duffy to record a CD which will be sold on the forthcoming US
tour. But don't worry - it will be available through record shops and
also from as well. In fact those who buy from will get a bonus MP3 track fere of charge - "The
Broken Hearted Bride", which Dave recorded on dulcimer for the Secret Paths
album, but which will actually be used for the forthcoming Strawbs album

Secret Paths focuses on the songs that Dave will be singing on the solo
shows. Songs include "Ringing Down The Years", written by Dave on the news
of former band member Sandy Denny's tragic death; "Canada" has the
endorsement of Gordon Lightfoot; "I'll Show You Where To Sleep" using a
tuning shown to Dave by Joni Mitchell; while the new "Plainsong' is as
atmospheric as any songs he has ever written. The secret weapon of Secret
Paths is steel guitarist Melvin Duffy - Melvin has spent three years on the
road with Robbie Williams and has recorded with Joe Cocker and Zucchero
among many others.

The album is produced by Chris Tsangarides whose studio is littered with
gold discs for albums by Yngwie Malmsteen, Judas Priest, and Thin Lizzy,
and who stars in the new film Anvil The Movie.

Track listing for Secret Paths is:

Song Of A Sad Little Girl
The Shepherd's Song
I Turned My Face Into The Wind
Ringing Down The Years
Josephine (For Better Or For Worse)
How I Need You Now
I'll Show You Where To Sleep
Beat The Retreat
Falling In Love Again

Release date is 3rd March 2008. Preview review to follow shortly on

Two tracks from Secret Paths - "Song Of A Sad Little Girl" and "I'll Show
You Where To Sleep" - are on Dave's MySpace site along with selections from
Boy In The Sailor Suit and Cousins & Conrad's album High Seas.


German label Zounds have licensed a selection of tracks for a new
compilation album, mainly from Witchwood Media, but "Part Of The Union" is
also on there too. It's an interesting and really enjoyable selection
with detailed sleeve notes (in German) and some well-chosen photographs to
illustrate the booklet.

Track listing as follows:

Part Of The Union (Ford/Hudson) - Bursting At The Seams
I Only Want My Love To Grow In You (Cousins/Cronk) - Deep Cuts
Grace Darling (Cousins) - Greatest Hits Live
Burning For Me (Cousins/Mealing) - Burning For You
Evergreen (Cousins) - Acoustic Strawbs: Baroque & Roll
Lay Down (Cousins) - Blue Angel
The River/Down By The Sea (Cousins) - Greatest Hits Live
The King (Cousins) - Blue Angel
Forever Ocean Blue (Cousins) - Wakeman & Cousins: Hummingbird
Cold Steel (Lambert) - Deja Fou
If (Cousins) - Deja Fou
Heartbreak Hill (Cousins/Cronk) - Heartbreak Hill
Deep In The Darkest Night (Cousins) - Cousins & Conrad: High Seas
Hero And Heroine (live) (Cousins) - Complete Strawbs
Where Is This Dream Of Your Youth (live) (Cousins) - Recollections

You can get this from a variety of sources via the web - currently in stock
at: (at prices from 12.90 Euros on the day I looked) has some clips loaded up so you can listen before you buy.

We are looking into the possibility of getting some stock into to sell. I'll let you know if that happens.


London, UK
"You'll scarcely believe all the pleasures inside"