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Sent by Dick Greener, 22 Sep

* Radio silence
* 2019 Gigs - Ins and Outs
* Dave Cousins Live At The Bowie Bandstand - 17 Aug
* Updates to website


My apologies for the long gap since the last Strawbswebnews and fairly little happening on the website. As the Strawbs and some friends out there know, I have had serious problems with my eyes over the last 12 months, making it very difficult for me to do as much as I would have liked. Until Dave's recent solo show at Beckenham, I hadn't been able to get around, and accordingly hadn't seen a show for nearly 18 months, including being unable to travel to Lakewood for the 50th anniversary celebrations!

Thankfully, after three eye operations (the last of which was on 6 Aug), things (touch wood!) have got much much better, and I'm now officially binocular - for the first time in over 12 months - and able to get much more done. Heartfelt thanks to Alison for filling in and helping to keep things going, and to all those who have offered support and sympathy over this rather difficult period. And please forgive me, those who tried to keep in touch to no avail - couldn't handle the dreaded Facebook and even e-mail was a trial for a while.

Nice story though - (look away if squeamish!) After these ops, they put a gas bubble in the eye to seal the punctures they made whilst they heal - clever idea (but who was the first patient - "let's get the bike pump out, I've got a cunning plan!"); this shrinks over a period of days and disappears. I'm delighted to report that this happened whilst watching Dave Cousins perform on the Bowie Bandstand at Beckenham last month!

All jokes aside I'm astonishingly grateful to:
* the eye surgeon and the hospital staff in both private and public environments, for three successful operations - all we need now is to sort out the underlying problems!
* Dave and the Strawbs for coping with my lengthy inability to do the stuff I normally do
* all of you who have been left rather adrift without the regular updates.

Looking forward to being in more regular touch and seeing friends at future gigs (planning to be in Edinburgh, Gosforth and the Barbican - say hello if you see me).




Apart for the healing powers of Dave Cousins, there is a report of the solo show on Strawbsweb, plus some fabulous photos of the original 1969 show and the 2019 reprise, all from the same photographer, Ray Stevenson, who I met at the Beckenham gig (thanks Ray!)

Report at:


A few changes to the list of acoustic gigs for the remainder of the year:

The Bude Festival (Strawbs were playing on 13 Nov) has been cancelled.

Thre new gigs included in the list:

Wed 9 Oct - The Crescent, York
Sat 7 Dec - Anchor Arts, Wingham
Fri 20 Dec - Trading Boundaries, Fletching

Full details of York on:

Other details to follow.


Lots of new stuff (my eye problem didn't keep me fully away from Ebay and dealing with pictures was easier than dealing with text!):

Korean cassette releases of Bursting At The Seams and Hero And Heroine

Various A&M catalogues

Various posters

Various live gig passes

"You'll scarcely believe all the pleasures inside..."

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