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  1. Curragh
  2. In America
  3. A Soft Place To Fall
  4. Malahide Moon
  5. Eyes Open Wide
  6. Walking Each Other Home
  7. The Fire
  8. These Old Stone Walls
  9. Bullet
  10. Whatever Is For You
  11. The Middle
  12. One More Song
  13. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
  14. Those Were The Days
  15. Alice's Song
  16. I Will


  1. Eastview Lane
  2. Malahide Moon
  3. Time Has Proved You Right
  4. Alice's Song
  5. Cumberland
  6. Two Hearts, One Love
  7. I Will
  8. Spirit Is Stronger Than Truth
  9. Geneviev
  10. Accanoe
  11. Goodbye Old Friend
  12. Walk On

Time Has Proved You Right coverCATHRYN CRAIG & BRIAN WILLOUGHBY: TIME HAS PROVED YOU RIGHT (mp3 single, 2012)

  1. Time Has Proved You Right

Freeway To Your Dreams coverCATHRYN CRAIG & BRIAN WILLOUGHBY: FREEWAY TO YOUR DREAMS (mp3 single, 2011)

  1. Freeway To Your Dreams

Calling All Angels coverCATHRYN CRAIG & BRIAN WILLOUGHBY: CALLING ALL ANGELS (Cabritunes, 2009)

  1. Alice's Song
  2. Two Hearts One Love
  3. Calling All Angels
  4. The Rejected Lover (with Mary Hopkin)
  5. Accanoe
  6. Genevieve
  7. Genevieve in Flight (instrumental)
  8. Rumours of Rain (acoustic)
  9. These Dreams
  10. Glenarm (instrumental)
  11. The Green Glens of Antrim

Live At The Talbot coverVARIOUS ARTISTS: LIVE AT THE TALBOT (Red Kite Records, 2005)

  1. Jeffrey Foucault - Crossing Mississippi
  2. Eric Taylor - Hemingway's Shotgun
  3. Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes - Evangelina
  4. Keith Frank & Soileau Zydeco - Give Me Just a Little Time
  5. Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby - The Snake
  6. Kreg Viesselman - Gone to Lewiston
  7. Lisa Mills - The Richest One
  8. Imbizo - When I Think About You
  9. Peter Mulvey - 29 Head
  10. Kris Delmhorst - Hummingbird
  11. Faire Winds - Rocking the Cradle
  12. Meic Stevens A'R Band - Ysbryd Solva (Ghosts of Solva)
  13. Todd Sharpville & The Blues Barons - Todd's Intro

Fingers Crossed coverBRIAN WILLOUGHBY - FINGERS CROSSED (Road Goes On Forever RGF BWCD055, 2004)

  1. Cry No More (Willoughby/Cousins)
  2. Honeylick (Willoughby/Snow)
  3. These Nights,These Dreams and You (Willoughby/Craig)
  4. Spanish Fly (Willoughby/Bryon/Snow)
  5. The Bonas Track (Willoughby)
  6. Wedding Vows (Forevermore) (Willoughby/Craig)
  7. Sweet Insanity (Willoughby/Snow)
  8. George's Tune (Willoughby)
  9. Cailin Dall (Willoughby/Snow)
  10. Ramblin' Road/Pride Of America (Willoughby/Snow)
  11. JJ's Blues (Willoughby)
  12. Goodbye Old Friend (Willoughby/Craig)
  13. Acklen Avenue (Willoughby)
  14. Broken Hearts In Nashville (Willoughby/Snow)
  15. She Lies (Willoughby/Snow)
  16. The Harmonic Suite:
    1. Alice's Song (Willoughby/Craig)
    2. Origine De La Source (Willoughby)
    3. Fingers Crossed (Willoughby)
  17. She Rang My Bell (Willoughby/Bryon/Snow)

Rumours Of Rain coverFOLK FOR PEACE: RUMOURS OF RAIN, 2004)

  1. Rumours Of Rain (Radio Edit)
  2. Rumours Of Rain (Long Version)
  3. Video Document

Following the Iraq war, Cathryn and Brian assembled a virtual "supergroup" from the UK folk world to record Cathryn's song, "Rumours Of Rain". Those involved on vocals included Harvey Andrews, Martin Carthy, Rod Clements, Bob Fox, Benny Gallagher, Clive Gregson, Nanci Griffith, Jez Lowe, Jacqui McShee, Ralph McTell, Tom Paxton and Steve Tilston as well as our own Dave Lambert and Chas Cronk. Even Brian sang for once, hidden away in the chorus.

Instrumentally, Fairport weighed in heavily with Gerry Conway, Ric Sanders and Chris Leslie, Rick Kemp of Steeleye Span played bass and Rod Clements of Lindisfarne played dobro and Lambert added bodhran. Probably the first time that members of Strawbs, Lindisfarne, Pentangle, Fairport and Steeleye have all played on the same track.

The single contains both the long and short versions. Brian and Cathryn had the process of making the single captured on video - the single has a six and a half minute QuickTime video documentary as a bonus track.


  1. All The Way To Denver
  2. That Ol' Guitar
  3. The Snake
  4. Goodbye Old Friend
  5. Mysterious Ways
  6. Mr Jefferson
  7. There Will Come A Day
  8. Rod Stewart
  9. Amazing Grace
  10. Amazing Grace (reprise)
  11. I Will
  12. Wedding Vows (forevermore)
  13. What A Wonderful World

Pigg River Symphony coverCATHRYN CRAIG - PIGG RIVER SYMPHONY (Goldrush GOLDCD007, 2001)

  1. Letter From Uncle Wit
  2. Carry Me Back To Old Virginny
  3. Pop's Fiddle
  4. She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain
  5. Clementine
  6. Red River Valley
  7. Uncle Lou Webb
  8. There Is A Tavern In The Town
  9. Cornbread And Beans
  10. America
  11. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  12. My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
  13. My Father's House
  14. The Webbs
  15. Little Brown Jug
  16. Dancing
  17. Study War No More
  18. The Pump Organ
  19. Amazing Grace
  20. Frankie And Johnny
  21. Sister Susan
  22. Down In The Valley
  23. Dixie

Black and White coverBRIAN WILLOUGHBY - BLACK AND WHITE (PYOCD001, 1998)

  1. In This Room (Lloyd/Willoughby)
  2. Alice's Song (Craig/Willoughby)
  3. Black And White (Craig/Willoughby)
  4. Totally In Your Hands (Snow/Willoughby)
  5. The Fire (Craig/Willoughby)
  6. Hard Luck Cafe (Snow/Willoughby)
  7. Love Belongs Right Here (Hopkin/Willoughby)
  8. He Lies (Snow/Willoughby)
  9. More Than You Loved Me (Snow/Willoughby)
  10. Willow (Lloyd/Willoughby)
  11. Then Someone Says Your Name (Gillies/Willoughby)
  12. The Feel Of Letting Go (Snow/Willoughby)

cover shotCATHRYN CRAIG - CATHRYN CRAIG (Goldrush GOLDCD0002, 1997)

  1. Runnin' From Love
  2. Talk To You
  3. Are You Out There
  4. Never
  5. Colorado
  6. Love Coming Down On Me
  7. My Window Faces The South
  8. New Paint
  9. Voyager
  10. If You Don't Weaken
  11. Alone Again Tonight

cover shotCATHRYN CRAIG - PORCH SONGS (Goldrush GOLDCD0001, 1995)

  1. Maybe Tonight (Baby I Will)
  2. That Ol' Guitar
  3. Walk Slowly Through This Life
  4. I'll Plead Innocent
  5. In His Dreams
  6. Forgiven
  7. Let's Get Swept Away
  8. I'll Be Fine In The Morning
  9. I Know The Truth
  10. If I Gave My Heart To You
  11. Two Hearts (One Love)
  12. I Don't Believe It Yet

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