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The Bridge cover shot THE BRIDGE (Road Goes On Forever RGFCD 020, 1994)

  1. You Never Needed Water (Cousins)
  2. Further Down The Road (Cousins)
  3. Strange Day Over The Hill (Cousins)
  4. Heat Of The Street (Cousins)
  5. Morning Glory (Cousins)
  6. Cry No More (Cousins/Willoughby)
  7. Do You Remember (Cousins/Willoughby)
  8. The Plain (Cousins)
  9. Oh So Sleepy (Cousins)
  10. Song For Alex (Cousins/Hooper)

Some tracks from this hard to find album came out in adapted form on Strawbs: Blue Angel.

 Old School Songs cover shot OLD SCHOOL SONGS (Private, 1979; Road Goes On Forever RGF CD 004, 1991; Muskrat RATCD 4218, 2003)

  1. Grace Darling (Cousins)
  2. I've Been My Own Worst Friend (Cousins)
  3. Ways And Means (Cousins)
  4. You Keep Going Your Way (Cousins)
  5. The Battle (Cousins)

  6. The Hangman And The Papist (Cousins)
  7. Hanging In The Gallery (Cousins)
  8. Beside The Rio Grande (Cousins)
  9. Josephine, For Better Or For Worse (Cousins)
  10. Lay Down (Cousins)
  11. A Song For Me (Cousins)

  12. (Bonus tracks - Japanese re-issue)
  13. You Never Needed Water (Cousins)
  14. Song For Alex (Cousins/Hooper)

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