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Tracks cover shot

  1. Cry No More (Hill)
  2. You Don't Hurt Me (Hill/Cronk)
  3. Tears On The Ballroom Floor (Hill/Phillips)
  4. Recipe For Romance (Hill/Cronk)
  5. Oh Bessie (Hill/Cronk)

  6. Real Love (Hill/Cronk)
  7. Every Single Time (Hill)
  8. Marion Jones (Hill)
  9. Hit The Big Drum (Hill/Cronk)
  10. Don't Leave Me Here (Hill)


  • UK acetates
  • UK vinyl release
  • German vinyl release
  • Cassette
  • UK cassette release
  • German cassette release
  • CD
  • CD reissue
  • CD reissue
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    2x one-sided acetates. Single thick white card sleeve with track listing on the front in Roy's handwriting. Town House labels with handwritten details.




    labels labels

    UK release

    LP: PCS 7315 (Parlophone, 1987). Single sleeve album. Inner sleeve has credits and pics on one side - on the other, the lyrics, again presented in Roy's distinctive handwriting.

    Some copies were stickered for promo purposes - "Manufacturers Property - Not For Sale". The promo copy I have came with a 10x8 promo pic and a 2-sided press release on light blue paper.

    A cassette version is listed on the back cover.


    cover cover


    labels labels

    Promo pic

    press release

    Press release

    press release press release

    German vinyl release

    LP: 064 7 48313 1 (Parlophone, 1987). Single sleeve album. Sleeve as per UK release, except that on the back "Sleeve printed in England. Manufactured in England" is deleted and replaced at the bottom with different details:
    "Marketed, manufactured and duistributed by EMI. Printed in Holland by EMI Services Benelux B.V. Uden. En France: distribution exclusive EMI Pathe Marconi SA."
    Different cat no and barcode at top right. Cassette version listed on the back cover, under the barcode.

    Inner sleeve same except for German cat no on credits side, but the whole thing is printed on less glossy, thinner paper.


    labels labels


    UK cassette release (*)

    cass: TCPCS 7315 (Parlophone, 1987). Cassette version listed on rear of UK vinyl release above. Anyone have one....

    German cassette release (*)

    cass: 1C 264-7 48313 4 (EMI Electrola, 1987 (Parlophone, 1987). Cassette version listed on back of German vinyl release.


    German CD release (*)

    CD: 1C 564-7 48313 2 (1987). Listed on back of German vinyl release. Anyone have one?


    CD reissue

    CD: CNMCD02 (2008). 4pp booklet. Nice graphics, emphasising the clown face featured on the original vinyl release.


    labels labels

    Tray back and CD

    labels labels

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