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the bandJohn Ford's first venture onto vinyl as guitarist, lead singer and songwriter for this one-release outfit, managed by Michael Pierce's father. After this, John joined South London-based R&B/soul band the Five Proud Walkers - before too long Richard Hudson joined the band on drums and the outfit, soon known for its wild performances, metamorphosed into Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera.

See also Hudson Ford; John Ford; The Monks; High Society; Velvet Opera; The GBs

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Ready, Steady - Win! (1964)

Features 16 winning groups & songs from Rediffusion's 2,000 Beat Contest including Jaymes Fenda and the Vulcans singing "Mistletoe Love". Picture to follow ####

The album appears to have been re-issued by See For Miles on vinyl LP (SEE 202) in 1987. This track list info from Ugly Things - Searchin' for Shakes, the garage/psych compilation database.

  1. The Thyrds - Hide And Seek live
  2. The Harbour Lights - I'll Miss You 1964
  3. The Bo Street Runners - Bo Street Runner 45 1964
  4. Tony Knight & The Live Wires - Did You Ever Hear The Sound? 1964
  5. The Deltones With Tony Lane - A Lonely One 1964
  6. Falling Leaves - She Loves To Be Loved 1964
  7. The Echolettes - Our Love Feels New 1964
  8. The Dynamos - You Make Me Go 'Oooh' 1964
  9. Falling Leaves - Not Guilty 1964 Original Release
  10. The Bo Street Runners - I Do Just What I Want 1965
  11. The Bo Street Runners - Tell Me What You're Gonna Do 1965

  1. Jimmy Royal & The Hawks - I'm Leaving You 1964
  2. The Planets - So Much In Love 1964
  3. The Five Aces - Every Time I Look At You 1964
  4. Scene Five - Anytime 1964
  5. The Vibrons - Ain't It A Shame 1964
  6. Jaymes Fenda & The Vulcans - Mistletoe Love 1964
  7. The Olympics - Think Of Me 1964
  8. The Leasides - You've Come Back 1964
  9. Jaymes Fenda & The Vulcans - The Only Girl 1964
  10. The Bo Street Runners - Get Out Of My Way 1965
  11. The Bo Street Runners - Baby Never Say Goodbye 1965


"Mistletoe Love"/"The Only Girl" (Parlophone R 5210, 1964)

Sheet music

Sheet music
Sheet music

Thanks to Clive Pierce for letting me have scans of the cover, the disc and the sheet music. Thanks to Bob Wooloff for the promo photo.

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