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Tracks cover shot

  1. Daylight (Hudson/Ford)
  2. Out Of Your Shadow (Hudson/Ford)
  3. Kiss In The Dark (Hudson/Ford)
  4. Shy Girl (Hudson/Ford)
  5. Let It Rain (Hudson/Ford)
  6. Poor Boy [lead-in] (Hudson/Ford)

  7. Poor Boy (Hudson/Ford)
  8. Simple Man (Hudson/Ford)
  9. Are You Dancing (Hudson/Ford)
  10. Wicked Lady (Hudson/Ford)
  11. 95 In The Shade (Hudson/Ford)
  12. Daylight (Hudson/Ford)


  • UK release
  • Australian release
  • Cassette and 8-track
  • UK cassette ?
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    UK release

    Vinyl album: 82027 (CBS, UK, 1977). A move to CBS Records and a change of producer - Robin Geoffrey Cable - brings a late 70s disco feel to some of the tracks. A single sleeve with a black and white insert inside. No lyrics sheet. Both copies I have have the back cover gold stamped "Demonstration Not For Sale", but the record is a normal release copy.

    Front and back of sleeve



    Australian release

    Vinyl album: ASF 2018 (Gramophone Record Co Pty, Australia, 1977). Similar sleeve, publishing/record label details on the back. Mu copy came with a nice company inner.

    Back cover


    Inner sleeve


    UK release ? (*)

    Cassette . Was there one - anyone have it?

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