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Tony Hooper and Elaine Charlson (see Misalliance) also play as part of one of the south of England's most popular barn dance and ceilidh bands, Pitchfork, which was formed in in 1979 as a result of a chance visit to a folk club in Basingstoke. The members have changed over the years, but are still led by one of the original four members, the current line-up having been the same since 1990. The band consists of five multi-instrumentalists, all of whom contribute to vocals when the band perform songs as part of an evening's entertainment:

Elaine Charlson

whistles, recorders, wind synthesiser and percussion

Tony Hooper


Bill Jones


Dave Waine

mandolin, guitar, whistles and harmonica

Ian Woledge

melodeons, guitar

Pitchfork concentrate on live performance rather than studio work, and, working with local Dance Callers, the band operates all over the South of England, performing for private parties, music and dance festivals, weddings, fundraising and social events. Ian Woledge (who sent me information on the band, is also a member of the band Bold Grannydier, renowned for their appearances at Folk Festivals, and featuring Saul Rose of the Eliza Carthy Band. Ian on occasions joins forces with another local band Rogue's Gallery, sharing the lead with electric guitar.

Contact Ian for bookings etc. at The Firs, Malthouse Lane, Tadley, Hants RG26 3NY, 01189-814484 (evenings), 01189-633868 (daytime), Fax 01189-633754 or email him on

See also Misalliance,



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