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Demick and Armstrong LittleWilllie coverDEMICK & ARMSTRONG: LITTLE WILLIE RAMBLE

Track listing

  1. Little Willie Ramble (Demick/Armstrong)
  2. Over The Valley (Demick/Armstrong)
  3. You're My Island (Demick/Armstrong)
  4. Waiting For The Train (Demick/Armstrong)
  5. Morning (Demick/Armstrong)

  6. We Are Free (Demick/Armstrong)
  7. I've Got Time (Demick/Armstrong)
  8. We're On The Right Track (Demick/Armstrong)
  9. I Don't Care (Demick/Armstrong)
  10. Open Road (Demick/Armstrong)
  11. That's What Friends Are For (Demick/Armstrong)

Demick and Armstrong Looking Through coverDEMICK & ARMSTRONG: LOOKING THROUGH (A&M AMLH 68098, 1972)

Track listing

  1. You're Changing My Way Of Life (Demick/Armstrong)
  2. The Boy Came Back From The Country (Demick/Armstrong)
  3. It's Been A Hard Road (Demick/Armstrong)
  4. Country (Demick/Armstrong)
  5. Nothing's Gonna Stop You (Demick/Armstrong)

  6. Strange How The Night (Demick/Armstrong)
  7. Funky Man (Demick/Armstrong/Smith)
  8. When The Rain Comes (Demick/Armstrong)
  9. What Would You Do (If You Were Me Babe) (Demick/Armstrong)
  10. When I Was Young (Demick/Armstrong)
  11. I'm Gonna Live By A Waterfall (Demick/Armstrong)
  12. Milk Cow Blues (Trad. arr. Smith)

Rod Live coverROD DEMICK: LIVE & WELL (Mojo Records M1, cassette only)

Track listing

  1. On Your Way Home (Demick)
  2. Afraid To Let You Go (Demick/Hudson/Willoughby)
  3. Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues (Dylan)
  4. Morning (Demick/Armstrong)
  5. Nowhere Left To Go (Demick/Hudson)
  6. Loose Change (Demick)
  7. I'm In A Heartache (Demick/Gomm)
  8. Flip, Flop And Fly (Williams)
  9. Friday's Child (Morrison)
  10. The Lady Came From Baltimore (Hardin)
  11. I Can't Go Back To New York (Demick/English)
  12. Stormy Monday Blues (Walker)
  13. Ruin Me Rary (Williamson)
  14. Madame George (Morrison)
  15. Nothing's Gonna Stop You (Demick/Armstrong)
  16. If You Need Me (Pickett/Cropper)

Rod Straight To The Heart pre-release coverROD DEMICK: STRAIGHT TO THE HEART (CDR pre-release)

  1. Is That The Blues
  2. Great Mystery
  3. Sissinghurst
  4. Nowhere Left To Go
  5. On Your Way Home
  6. Turn Your Life Around
  7. Loose Change
  8. Straight To The Heart
  9. Afraid To Let You Go
  10. Love The One You're With
  11. Reconciliation
  12. Too Many Sleepless Nights
  13. Mean Evil Lovin' Man
  14. Missing You Blues

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