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For Lindsay's intervoew with Roy, click here.

I love September. I also like Judy Garland, skipping and Jaffa cakes.

Last Saturday, Cry No More played at the perfectly wonderful Strawbs 40th Anniversary show in Twickenham which we enjoyed immensely and then performed an extra impromptu set at the end of the night. What larks! You will find this difficult to believe but I actually signed some autographs! Yes really. If only I had a longer name, Engelbert Humperdinck for instance or Flight Lieutenant John Walberswick. When you're called Roy Hill it's all over so quickly. Readers of my MySpace blog will know I've already used that line. Non readers will be entirely oblivious. If you're a non-reader you've no idea what you're missing. Or maybe you have.

Next up it's my 2009 World Tour which begins on Friday 25 September at the Open House Cafe in Brentford and ends on Friday September 25 at the Open House Cafe in Brentford. Quite a schedule but I'm not one of those moaning minnies who drones on about how hard it all is. Guess what I'm wearing at the moment? A nurse's outfit! I got it on ebay. Unfortunately I'm not very good with make-up so there's more lipstick on my teeth than my lips but I don't care, I'm happy.

Back to Brentford. There's an agent coming to see me and I'm terrified no-one will show up. If you can possibly make it I will be relieved, thrilled to bits, pleased as punch and happy as Larry, whoever Larry is. I don't normally go in for begging but I need to give the impression I'm popular. If you could wander round before the show saying, Roy's very good isn't he? Much better than Queen, it would really help. I've been rehearsing with violin maestro Phil Martin who will be joining me for a few songs and I'm hoping to perform with gospel choir, The Brentford Belles.

Open House Cafe, St Paul's Church, St Paul's Road, Brentford TW8 0PN.

Admission 10 Doors open 7.00pm Show time 7.30pm

I've had no computer for a while, something of an understatement, and although it's now fixed I seem to have lost a few files which means I can't refer back to old newsletters in an effort to make sure I'm not repeating myself. Having said that I was ill for a while and may have deleted them in my rather confused state. No bother, it's a perfect opportunity to repeat myself further without the guilt.

So here goes. All current CDs (Roy Hill: Hello Sailor and Fun with Dave, Cry No More: Cry No More and Live at the Mulberry Tree) are in stock at 10 + p&p (a bargain) from I've alsso found a few copies of Cry No More: Live at the Cry No More Social Club and Brown Paper Bag, same price. Think carefully before ordering Brown Paper Bag, it baffles me.

Switzerland is still under construction, can't see it coming out before next year but I may have some advance copies before then. MySpace will keep you up to date with further developments and has a regular blog.

Chas Cronk's MySpace at

Should have a date for the Cry No More Christmas show and farewell appearance soon.

Must dash,

I love you,


Those of you that don't live within shouting distance of Brentford may be utterly nonplussed at the somewhat parochial nature of this missive. I apologise and will endeavour to give the next one a more 'international' flavour or flavor if you live in the USA and don't spell things properly. Arf arf. I wish I had news of upcoming shows in New York and Berlin but, sadly, most weeks, the high spot of my life is waving to the binmen. How I cherish their ruddy faces, cheery smiles and two fingered riposte.

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