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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Folk Song Cellar, 35 & 36
CN 612/S

This is a treasure trove of rare SHB recordings, from their English trad folk period (you can hear some of the other numbers from this time on Preserves Uncanned . Strawbs related stuff on Disc 36, with a Sandy Denny track as well. Two tracks ("The Grey Hawk" and "Higher Germanie") were included on the Strawbs boxed set A Taste Of Strawbs and the Sandy song was on the Sandy Denny 19CD boxed set.

Disc 35

  • The New Heritage Singers - The Nutting Girl
  • The New Heritage Singers - Crack Your Whip
  • The New Heritage Singers - Three Jolly Rogues
  • Marion Gray - T'owd Yowe Wi' One Horn
  • Marion Gray - The Monkey's Wedding
  • Marion Gray - Nellie Clack
  • Robin Hall & Jimmy Macgregor - Lassie Wi' The Yellow Coatie
  • Robin Hall & Jimmy Macgregor - Barnyards O' Delgaty
  • Robin Hall & Jimmy Macgregor - Beillan Gorrie Chrobhan
  • The New Heritage Singers - Bring Us A Barrel
  • Disc 36

  • The Strawberry Hill Boys - Botany Bay
  • The Strawberry Hill Boys - The Diamond
  • The Strawberry Hill Boys - Go To Sea No More
  • Sandy Denny - Fhir A' Bhata (The Boatman)
  • Paul MacNeill - The Bold Grenadier
  • Paul MacNeill - Silver Penny And An Apricot Tree
  • Felix Doran - The Fox Hunt
  • Felix Doran - Rakish Paddy
  • Esme Lewis - Old Lady From Cydwelly
  • Esme Lewis - To My Dearest Love
  • Esme Lewis - Milkmaid's Song
  • Robin Hall & Jimmy MacGregor - Happy Land Songs
  • Robin Hall & Jimmy MacGregor - Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny/The World Must Be Coming To An End
  • The Strawberry Hill Boys - The Higher Germany
  • The Strawberry Hill Boys - The Grey Hawk
  • Labels

    The two side 1s are on one record, the two side 2s on the other.

    Top Of The Pops 219

    This includes two early Strawbs numbers, "That Which Once Was Mine" and "Poor Jimmy Wilson". These have been credited to Top Gear in 1968 Strawbs At The BBC, Vol. 1 (In Session) and 1969 (John Peel's Top Gear apparently) (the Universal Strawbs CD release. The latter also includes the Brian Matthews interview from the same time. "The Battle" was recorded at the same time, and was included on on the Strawbs boxed set as well as the other two releases.


    Continuity insert

    Music copyrights insert

    Meet Peter Sarstedt (*)
    CN 1138/S

    This is a multi-disc transcription release of the Peter Sarstedt Show (12 episodes over 3 discs, 4 episodes per disc). The Strawbs appeared on episodes 5 and 12.

    Episode 5

    Episode 12

    1973 In Concert
    CN 1766/S

    As part of the Bursting At The Seams tour, this was recorded on 25 Mar 1973 at the BBC's Paris Theatre in London. Can't recall whether the disc included some of the jokey pieces that had crept into the set - Hud's impersonation of Little Jimmy Osmond, Dave Lambert's William Tell Orchestra novelty piece - I certainly heard these on the radio. "Bovver Blues" may also be on there, and and also included some excellent live versions of eg "Sheep", "Hangman" and "Benedictus" before the 1974 band dropped them from the set.

    I remember taping this with my Dad's Grundig reel to reel tape recorder from my Dad's radiogram, which was valve powered and lost volume throughout the recording, so that about half way through it became unlistenable (I found the actual tape the other day...) Fortunately it was rescued - in part - for posterity as disc 1 of Heroes Are Forever and other bootlegs

    Tracks from the 1973 and 1974 BBC concerts were made available legitimately on the 1995 Windsong BBC In Concert and now the Universal release Strawbs At The BBC Vol 2 - however different releases have different selections, no one release being the definitive collection: (see below).

    Track table

    To follow


    Cue sheets

    1974 In Concert
    CN 2040/S

    The Hero And Heroine lineup recorded another show on 11 Apr 1974, this time at the Golders Green Hippodrome in London.

    I taped this off the radio onto cassette, and still have it somewhere. This came out as as disc 2 of Heroes Are Forever.

    As noted above, tracks from the 1973 and 1974 BBC concerts were made available legitimately on the 1995 Windsong BBC In Concert and now the Universal release Strawbs At The BBC Vol 2 - however different releases have different selections, no one release being the definitive collection: (see above).


    Cue Sheet

    1978 In Concert (Sight And Sound)
    CN 3064/S

    The last of the Strawbs' BBC In Concert appearances was again recorded at the Golders Green Hippodrome in London, as part of the BC's "Sight And Sound" series of programmes. In the days before stereo TV transmission, the idea was to have a simutaneous TV and stereo FM radio broadcast. Those who wanted to could turn off the TV sound and listen to the show on the radio in stereo.

    This was the post-Deadlines line-up, with newly-recruited Andy Richards, which went on to record Heartbreak Hill. This has come out in audio on various bootlegs, with slightly different track listings.






    Lay Down YES YES YES NO
    The Last Resort YES YES YES YES
    Ghosts YES YES YES YES
    No Return YES YES YES YES
    Heartbreaker YES YES YES YES
    Sealed With A Traitor's Kiss YES YES NO NO
    Simple Visions YES YES YES YES
    Cut Like A Diamond YES YES YES YES, but not listed
    Out In The Cold/Round And Round YES YES YES YES
    Hero And Heroine YES YES YES YES


    Cambridge Folk Festival 1983 (*)
    CN 4316/S

    Strawbs reformed for the Cambridge Folk Festival in 1983. Side 2 of this album fearures Maria Muldaur, who also appeared.

  • The Hangman And The Papist
  • Song Of A Sad Little Girl
  • I'll Carry On Beside You
  • The River/Down By The Sea
  • Oh How She Changed
  • Part Of The Union
  • Labels




    Early 70s


    Late 70s


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