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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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  • Dave Cousins - Absent Friend clip
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    To donate in order to access the stream go to this page



    I was lucky enough to attend a fabulous show in Chiswick on Mon 21 Nov, where Dave Cousins delivered a stunning solo concert in aid of two worthy charities. The show was in two halves, the first being an onstage interview with Dave, conducted by Debbie Manners (the Chair of SafeHands) covering various aspects of Daveís early life in and around Chiswick. The second was a wholly unexpected collection of Daveís songs including two recent, as yet unrecorded, compositions. This was Daveís music stripped bare down to the basics, just him accompanied by guitar or dulcimer, and was a real tour de force. Thereís a review (with setlist) and some excellent photos on Strawbsweb at: the gig page.

    The show was recorded and is available for streaming NOW with a view to raising further funds for the project being undertaken by charities Commonwealth Medical Trust (Commat) and SafeHands. All proceeds, after deduction of related costs, will be used for the SafeHands Big Give Christmas Appeal (see Dave is a trustee of Commat, and clearly has put his heart and soul into this cause.

    This project involves providing water tanks for women in a remote villages in Western Uganda, where the rain pours off the roofs of the houses in the rainy seasons and cannot be captured without tanks. In the dry seasons the women walk up to two hours down and up the mountain, collecting water which is often polluted, keeping their children out of school to help. Mondayís show included a heart-warming video clip of a tank being put into place and the celebrating villagers. This clip will also be included in the stream.
    The link will be circulated elsewhere - the Commat website, the SafeHands website, the Cherry Red website and on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

    You can make your donation by credit card or debit card. To maximise revenue for the charities, itís important that you make your minimum donation of £10 (or equivalent) to access the show in the period BEFORE mid-day Tues Dec 6, because any revenue earned in that period will be matched by a UK charity initiative called the Big Give and effectively double the amount raised. You donít have to watch the show straightaway, itíll be available to watch as many times as you want till 31 March 2023, but PLEASE, if you can, make your donation during that period. To encourage you to do this the introductory minimum donation for that period will be £10 or the equivalent in your currency, but will rise to £12 after 6 Dec.

    I know Strawbs fans will want to support this endeavour, which means an awful lot to Dave Cousins, by watching this enthralling show.

    Please contact me if you want further details Ė

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