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Just Say No

As the dust settles from the UK Conservative Party's recent pasting in the 2001 General Election, whatever one's political viewpoint, one worthwhile legacy is the excellent (IMHO) Hudson Ford song "Just Say No", Hud's heartfelt plea to support the British Pound against the wicked Euro. The single is available from Strawbs Merchandising, as well as a t-shirt bearing the same design - see buy stuff for details.

The song was written sometime back, but took off when it came to the attention of the Conservative Party in the run up to whenthe 2001 election would have been, if not for the disastrous foot and mouth disease outbreak. John flew across from the US in order to perform the song at the Conservative Party Spring Convention in Harrogate on 3 Mar 2001. Michael Ancram, the Conservative Party chairman, turned out not only to be a bit of a fan, but also a bit of a "muso" on the side. The boys joined him on stage to play a couple of Buddy Holly numbers. The boys played "Part Of The Union", "Nice Legs Shame About The Face", a Beatles number (no-one can remember which) and of course "Just Say No". Then they sat back and chatted to the other guests - it was interesting to hear just how many MPs are Strawbs fans ..... they can't all be bad then ....

Don't believe us ? Then here's the proof!

The original CDR was sold at the Harrogate gig, an instant collector's item.

Even rarer still are the very few earlier CDR trial copies with a slightly different design - a 10 note rather than the pound symbol kicking the Euro into touch.

The CD single, pressed up for the 2001 tour, has two versions of the song - the original, recorded here in the UK, and a new rock version, recorded by John over in the States - as well as a bonus track "The GB Jig" also recorded by the boys some time ago under an alias, the GBs.

"Just Say No" t-shirts are also available.

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