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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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The Magic Of It All cover

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Ready (We Are Ready)


Sony ATV Music

As when it was written
Is now come to pass
That which protected
Shatters like glass

The dust of the city
Pours down like blood
Few will survive
The fire and flood

Are we ready?
Are we ready?

Down by the sea
They tend to their flocks
Wilderness fields
A rubble of rocks

Snow piling high
In a wintery storm
We huddle together
To keep ourselves warm

Those with the power
Have jaws and no bite
They are like wolves
Eating slowly at night

Nor silver nor gold
Shall pay for the sins
Of those who commit them
Nobody wins

As when it was written
Is now come around
In trust we are guided
By truth we are bound.

The Magic Of It All


Sony ATV Music

Meet me on the mountain
Behold the view below
Pirates in a pantomime
Marching to and fro
Saluting for a photograph
Where life's long shadows fall
This has been
The magic of it all

We were young pretenders
Hungry for a break
Dreamers in a game of chance
Few others dared to take
Climbing to the top
Of and imaginary wall
This has been
The magic of it all

The streets of New York City
To San Francisco Bay
Denver down to New Orleans
Well-wishers all the way
Friends who walk beside you
Ready should your fall
The magic of it all

Now we're making music
For people we can trust
We should have banked a goldmine
But then the bank went bust
It's hard to see a stop sign
When you're walking ten feet tall
This has been
The magic of it all

The circus tent in Paris
The Royal Albert Hall
Rome to Copenhagen
Toronto, Montreal
The Waterfront in Cape Town
The latest port of call
The magic of it all.

All Along The Bay


Sony ATV Music

Never was a time so good
Music as it should-a-should
Ghoema, Mango Groove
Anything that makes you move
Any time, day or night
Someone's in the spotlight
All along the bay

Get a shot of Instant Karma
Having tea with David Kramer
Chardonnay out on the deck
I spy an old ship wreck
We were having so much fun
All along the bay

I was heading up-a Long Street
Sound of Dublin guiding my feet
Barman said "I see you"!
I was cool "I saw you too"
Back a-long, down-a Loop
"Y'all in some kinda group?"
All along the bay
Get your phone, forget me not
"Need someone in the show?"
Cafe Alma's open door
Makes you smile forever more
Try and catch us if you dare
There's always rhythm in the air
All along the bay.

Everybody Means Something To Someone


Sony ATV Music

I found a piece of driftwood on a beach
Stood in a place where I could reach
And touch it
Forever and a day

When all of your belongings
Are stacked up on a shelf
You've got time on your hands
Feeling sorry for yourself
Maybe someone's waiting
For the phone to ring
Think of the surprise your call might bring
Everybody means something to someone

When time goes by in no time
But stretches out for weeks
You're on the hook to heaven
And every stairway creaks
Maybe someone's lonesome
Just like you
Who'd appreciate a letter
Out of the blue
Everybody means something to someone

The driftwood spoke ijn riddles
From the wreck of royalty
Who stood upon the decks
Waving their caps
Forever and a day

Think of all the friends
You knew way back when
I best you lost touch
With nine out of ten
Just take a moment
To send them a note
It's not what you say
It's the fact that you wrote
Everybody means something to someone.

Our World


Sony ATV Music

See how thoughtfully he watches
Birds and wild beasts are his friends
Soothes them with his gentle manner
All day long his child he tends

From the dark a light emerges
Bright as day across the hill
See the young man standing silent
Soon his child grows quiet and still

Raise our voices sing together
Our world is yours and mine
Raise our voices sing together
For everyone
For everyone

Slender trees merge into shadows
Strangely dark the hillside grows
See how quickly night approaches
Deep and black the river flows

See the young man's head is turning
Hands reach out towards his face
Comes the murmur of the day
Freedom in a kinder place.

The Time Has Come (For Giving Back)


Sony ATV Music

The time has come for action
A plain and simple fact
Don't sit back
The time has come to act
Set aside distractions
The movement is intact

Power into might
Darkness into light
The time has come
For giving back

Politicians making deals
Palms all smeare with grease
Market rule the masters
Wonders never cease
We are prisoners of conscience
Counting days to our release

The rule of law has broken down
It's not as I once knew
Kindness has been sacrificed
To please a chosen few
Give back what's been taken
It belong to us - not you!

Slack Jaw Alice


Sony ATV Music

Ain't it a shame
About Slack Jaw Alice
Living in Paris
Slack Jaw Alice
Ain't it a shame

Tripping down the street
In high heel sneakers
Alice was confronted
By bare faced streakers
Ain't it a shame

Covering her eyes
With dayglow shades
Alice was distracted
By the masquerades
Ain't it a shame

Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll
Loads-a fun
Alice in a photo
In the Caribbean sun
Ain't it a shame

Side by side
Where the devil walks
Alice loves the way of life
Where money talks
Ain't it a shame

Alice went to parties
Where she didn't fit
Alice made it clear
She didn't give a ....
Bless my soul

Alice took it easy
Being cream of the crops
Now she finds t tough
As the bandwagon stops
Ain't it a shame

Living for yourself
This is what you get
Alice lives forever
On a vacant set
Ain't it a shame.

Paris Nights


Sony ATV Music

Smile at everyone you meet
Flower ladies in the street
Postcard sellers
Fortune tellers
Love is never far away

Paris works its magic charm
Smiling couples arm in arm
Wide eyes glow
Soon you know
L'amour est toujours pret

Les amants regardent les etoiles
Eclats vennat de chacques bars
Eclares la nuit
Douce Paris
L'amour est toujours pret

Take a boat along the Seine
Never mind the summer rain
Paris galleons
Rose medallions
Love is never far away

Sunday morning hear the bells
Paris bids its fond farewells
April crooners
L'amour est toujours pret
Love is never far away.

Wiser Now


Sony ATV Music

Some folks say
I left it late
Blame it on a twist of fate
Fortune favours those who wait
I'm wiser now
Nowadays it's ever clear
Friendships that I once held dear
Fade away and disappear
I'm wiser now

Backstage, the curtain drops
Lock away those old stage props
But making music never stops
I'm wiser now

You live forever in my dreams .....

The Lady Of The Night


Sony ATV Music

My dear friend
We have crossed paths
But never ever met
It has taken such a long time
As I write with deep regret
Until today
I chanced upon the means
To join a circus on a whim
And woke to find me deeply mired in debt

There are clowns
Theer are jugglers
There are peg-leg one-eyed smugglers
And the spirit of adventure still it shows
There are duckers
There are divers
There are unremitting skivers
All night long the music ebbs and flows
And our lady of the night
She comes and goes
The lady of the night
She comes and goes

In sad bedraggled streets
I chanced on music to my ears
Driven by the need
To quench my thirst
And chase a buck
I lived in hope
Little did I know
It was a bruising in disguise
As family and friends
Wished me good luck

There are sorcerers
There are comics
There are scaled-down philharmonics
And the gypsies hardly ever come to blows
There are financiers
There are dancers
There are secret necromancers
All night long the music ebbs and flows
And our lady of the night
She comes and goes
The lady of the night
She comes and goes

Outside the ancient tavern
They still fly a pirate flag
A silent man is clutching
To a bulging bag of swag
He sold his soul
For the promise of time off for good behaviour
He doesn't take much notice as the tongues wag

There are losers
There are chancers
There are dodgy belly dancers
Ever ready bouncy highs and lows
There are painters
There are plumbers
There are antiquated strummers
All night long the music ebbs and flows
And our lady of the night
She comes and goes
The lady of the night
She comes and goes

I remain
Ever yours truly.

Christmas Ghosts


Sony ATV Music

Great Expectations
Christmas at last
Bleak House is open
A ghost from the past
The old Christmas Carols
Hard times can wait
God bless us, everyone
Let's celebrate!

Dear old Santa Claus
Posted a sign
Everyone's spending
Christmas online
Rudolph the Red-Nose
Met a hot date
Open the presents!
Let's celebrate!

I don't need fairy lights
I've got the stars
They twinkle at Christmas
Out here on Mars
Earth is a memory
Too little, too late
There's hope for the future
Let's celebrate!

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