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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Updated: 18 Feb 2010

Relevant artists and others who have contributed over the years to the Strawbs story or who link to the Strawbsweb site.

Send any suggestions for inclusion (or broken links) to:

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JONATHAN KELLY - Kelly supported the Strawbs on their 1972 Grave New World tour, and his "Twice Round The Housees" album was a favourite with many folkies. This site run by Gerald Sables has lots of info about the elusive Kelly, who sadly died on 1 May 2020.

  • Jonathan Kelly site
  • ROBERT KIRBY - Robert both arranged for and played with the Strawbs - the brass arrangement on "Heavy Disguise" and the orchestral work on "Down By The Sea", and some work on Two Weeks Last Summer. Better known outside Strawbs circles for his work with Nick Drake. The wiki article has a fascinating discography.

  • Robert Kirby Wikipedia feature
  • L

    LED ZEPPELIN - archetypal heavy rockers, Strawbs and Led Zep struck up a friendship during the Strawbs' 1972 residency at the Troubadour in LA; some wild hotel room parties ensued, I'm told, complete with all the usual atrocities. Sandy Denny sang on Led Zep's "The Battle of Evermore", and of course John Paul Jones played bass on the Strawbs' first A&M album.

  • official Led Zeppelin site
  • Wikipedia article
  • JEFFREY LESSER - with Rupert Holmes, produced 1976's more "radio-friendly" Deep Cuts album, going on to produce Burning For You and Deadlines without Holmes

  • Jeffrey Lesser site
  • CATHY LESURF - Member of Fiddlers Dram, Albion Band; sang "The King" on 1991's Ringing Down The Years

  • Cathy LeSurf page
  • LINDISFARNE - Another set of folk rock legends, sadly no longer around; Strawbs toured with Lindisfarne in 1993, their Silver Jubilee year

  • Lindisfarne's official site
  • GERRY LOCKRAN - another stalwart from the old folk club days, Gerry was a regular visitor to the White Bear, the Half Moon in Putney and many of the other London-based clubs which were the Strawberry Hill Boys stamping ground in the 60s.

  • Gerry Lockran site
  • M

    DOUGIE MACLEAN - Scottish singer singwriter, formerly with the Tannahill Weavers, one of my absolute favourite artists - and Andy Richards played keyboards on one of his early albums.

  • Official Dougie Maclean site
  • Dunkeld Records site
  • JUAN MARTIN - Martin, a celebrated flamnco guitarist, collaborated with members of Strawbs in some sessions arranged by Humphrey Walwyn in the early 80s, which were featured on A Taste Of Strawbs. Dave Cousins performed a fantastic version of "TheShepherd's Song" with him at the 2005 Christmas Party.

  • Juan Martin's site
  • KATE AND ANNA McGARRGLE - Canadian duo, played at July Wakes Festival in Chrley, Lancashire, 1976, as did Dave Cousins in a then-rare solo spot. Sadly, Kate McGarrigle died on 18 January 2010 following a three-and-a-half year battle with cancer.

  • Kate & Anna McGarrigle site
  • RALPH McTELL - a hardy perennial of the folk scene since the 60s, McTell penned the folk standard "Streets Of London". He also played alongside Cousins on Mary Hopkin's Earth Song Ocean Song album. Rick Wakeman played piano on his album You Well Meaning Brought Me Here

  • Ralph McTell site
  • Old archived site
  • THE MELLOTRON - a crucial part of the classic Strawbs sound, the Mellotron was arguably the first (and possibly the most temperamental) sampler, using banks of tapes, one tape for each note. Wakeman was an early adopter (as were, according to Wikipedia, Princess Margaret, Peter Sellers, King Hussein of Jordan and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard). Those nice Streetly people loaned mellotrons for the Chiswick show. The software mellotron from G-Media even reproduces the 8 second tape length and a virtual coffee stain on the cream coloured instrument fascia - nice retro!

  • Streetly Electronics site
  • another Mellotron site
  • Wikipedia article
  • G-Media's M-Tron virtual instrument
  • BILLY MITCHELL - Lead singer of Lindisfarne in later years, leader of 70s Lindisfarne spin-off Jack The Lad

  • Billy Mitchell's site
  • EDDIE MONEY - his 1983 album No Control (which made number 20 in te US charts) includes a cover of the Dave Lambert song "Take A Little Bit" from Dave's solo album Framed, credited to Lambert/Proffer/Money - he appears to have rewritten some of the lyrics. It may also have been released as a single. Still touring and recording with a new album in 2007.

  • Eddie Money official site
  • MUNGO JERRY - as Mungo Jerry split in two, it spawned the King Earl Boogie Band, which Dave Lambert joined briefly before being spirited away to join the Strawbs

  • Mungo Jerry site
  • NOEL MURPHY - one of the stalwarts of the late 60s folk scene, Ron Chesterman went to join Noel (along with a guy called Shaggis, aka Davey Johnstone - better known in later years as Elton John's guitarist) in a band called Draught Porridge.

  • Noel Murphy site
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