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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Updated: 18 Feb 2010

Relevant artists and others who have contributed over the years to the Strawbs story or who link to the Strawbsweb site.

Send any suggestions for inclusion (or broken links) to:

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A&M RECORDS - Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss formed the label off the back of Herb's success with the Tijuana Brass, and Strawbs were the first UK signing of this US-based label, on which the undoubted classic Strawbs albums appeared. An eclectic mix of music appeared on A&M and the label has two sites devoted to it, with lots of memorabilia, label scans etc.

  • A&M Corner - largely concentrates on the 60s, easy listening output of A&M - there's a discussion forum which has some Strawbs content
  • On A&M Records - a semi-commercial site with a wider coverage, but including some free Flash screenshows of A&M marketing material including Strawbs and Hudson Ford, as well as pictures of A&M staff !
  • A&M Discography - a US discography of A & M Records, part of the very detailed "Both Sides Now" discography site
  • Wikipedia article
  • UCLA A&M Collection - Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss donated their company papers to UCLA, who have an online xhibit - no Strawbs, but interesting nonetheless.
  • Interscope - the official "home page for Interscope, A & M, and Geffen Records"
  • MILLER ANDERSON - guitar legend Anderson has played with many many people, - Keef Hartley Band, Spencer Davis Group to name but two - he played on Cousins first solo album, and guested on late 70s Strawbs set Heartbreak Hill. As a member of the Blue Angel Orchestra, he's featured on Dave forthcoming second solo album - The Boy In The Sailor Suit.

  • Miller Anderson site
  • HERB ALPERT - The "A" in "A&M Records", who made the Strawbs their first UK signing in 1968.

  • Herb Alpert "Tijuana Brass" site
  • AMEN CORNER - Blue's old band seems to have a new lease of life in the "noughties" with a new touring line-up and recordings.

  • New Amen Corner site
  • B

    THE BEE GEES - post Strawbs, Blue Weaver ended up in the Bee Gees round about the time of their greatest chart successes, playing on mega-hit albums Saturday Night Fever (even the 8-track cartridge version of this sold a million copies) and Spirits Having Flown amongst others.

  • The official Bee Gees site
  • Bee Gees World
  • STEVE BENBOW - veteran folk performer, died in November 2006. The Strawberry Hill Boys performed as backing for one of his records.

  • Steve Benbow's official site
  • DAVID BOWIE - Bowie was around in the old White Bear Arts Lab days and performed a TV mime for "Poor Jimmy Wilson"; he was less than impressed with the B-side to "Lay Down"

  • David Bowie's official site
  • BBC - 60 facts about David Bowie - to celebrate his 60th birthday on 8 Jan 2007 - check out Number 57

  • JOE BOYD - highly influential producer of Fairport, Incredible String Band amongst others; produced 1991's reworking of Sandy And The Strawbs CD on his Hannibal label.

  • Joe Boyd site

  • PAUL BRETT - a member of Fire and played with Hud and John in Velvet Opera; an accomplished 12-string guitarist and guitar expert

  • Paul Brett site

  • DEREK BRIMSTONE - Well nown on the folk scene as a comedian and singer, Brimstone's biography "I'm Glad I Practised" includes some Strawbs-related material. He was support at the White Bear gig in August 2001: I ha\dn;t seen him perform for years - he warned me not to leave it for song as he might be dead!

  • Derek Brimstone site

  • BULLY WEE - 1970's folk rock band, still going strong with Ian Cutler on fiddle

  • Bully Wee Band site
  • Ian Cutler site
  • C

    CAMBRIDGE FOLK FESTIVAL - Strawberry Hill Boys played at the very first Cambridge Folk Festival in 1965; 1983 saw the band reform for the Festival that year after organiser Ken Woollard caught then on Rick Wakeman's Gastank TV show.

  • Cambridge Folk Festival site

  • ALEX CAMPBELL - seminal folk singer, responsible for giving Sandy Denny her first solo recording opportunities; Cousins played banjo on two of his albums.

  • Alex Campbell discography

  • CECIL SHARP/EFDSS - Cecil Sharp House is the base of the English Folk Dance and Song Society in NW London (not far from where I work. Back in the 60s, Tony Hooper worked there for a while, and some truly excellent demos were recorded there by the Strawberry Hill Boys.

  • Cecil Sharp House/English Folk Dance and Song Society site
  • CONNY CONRAD - Dave Cousins has worked with Conny on tracks for some of Conny's albums/his band Dark Ocean's albums as well as the splendid Cousins & Conrad: High Seas.

  • Conny Conrad site
  • Dark Ocean site
  • CURVED AIR - lead vocalist Sonja Kristina spent a very short period with Strawbs replacing Sandy Denny ...

  • Curved Air site

  • IAN CUTLER - Member of Blue Angel Orchestra, ace fiddle player, also member of Feast of Fiddles, and Bully Wee

  • Ian Cutler's site

  • JENNIFER CUTTING - her album OCEAN: Songs for the Night Sea with a host of folk world special guests is a stunning album release.

  • Jennifer Cutting's site

  • D

    DEAD LIKE HARRY - Sheffield based young prog band, DLH joined the Strawbs for their 2006 tour. Well worth catching.

  • Dead Like Harry main site
  • Dead Like Harry Myspace page

  • DECAMERON/JOHNNY COPPIN - Strawbs' contemporaries, in action from 1969 to 1973, the combination of Dave Bell's gruff voice and Coppin's mellower approach brings Cousins and Hooper to mind. Johnny Coppin carried on on the circuit, producing some fabulous material.

  • Johnny Coppin site
  • CLAIRE DENIZ - member of Strawbs in 1969-1970, featured on Dragonfly, returning to add cello on 1974's Ghosts.

  • Claire Deniz website
  • GUS DUDGEON - influential producer of Elton John and many others. Produced Strawbs first single and album.

  • Gus Dudgeon Foundation site
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