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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Updated: 23 Oct 2008

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Dick Greener & Pete Rand - Martin Luther King's Dream

A nother web-enabled collaboration, this time between Dick and Pete - I recorded the original track and Pete supplied some piano and keyboard noodling. But most importantly he had the idea of including some of the great man's actual speech ...

Ralph Tonge & Dick Greener - Another Day Without You

A web-enabled collaboration between Ralph and Dick - Ralph recorded the original track and Dick did the middle eight and backing vocals

Dick Greener - In Amongst The Roses

Not as fancy as the recorded version, but a lovely song

Dick Greener - When You Were A Child

Played on Chas's old 12-string Ovation guitar, with some software Mellotron cellos and flutes

Dick Greener - Ah Me Ah My

They said it couldn't be done (or was that shouldn't?) ......

Dick Greener - The River

Still playing with my software mellotron ....

Dick Greener - Witchwood

Witchwood with some cello and choral Mellotron sounds and a threatening fuzz guitar to finish

Dick Greener - Beat The Retreat

For many years, a favourite of mine to play - often the first thing I play when I pick up the guitar to get my fingers going. With a little (slightly cheesy) organ in the background.

Dick Greener - Young Again

A first, I think - a Tony Hooper cover. This little song had two arrangements, the one with banjo which emerged on the Strawberry Sampler and the one for Dragonfly, which benefited from budgetary-enforced simplicity. I've been playing this on and off for a few years and thought I'd add a few harmonies ...

Dick Greener - On Growing Older

One of the longest standing Strawbs songs in my repertoire, I recorded the guts of this a few months back, and finally got the mandolin out to add the instrumental break.

Dick Greener: I'll Carry On Beside You

Back at the Bilston strumalong I enjoyed playing this one - but it needed a bit extra - cue the fantastic G-Media software Mellotron, complete with virtual coffee stain. The sounds that Wakeman had at his command, played by a complete keyboard numptie!....

Dick Greener: Dragonfly

I worked out a nice open tuning for guitar for Dragonfly as early ago as the first Bilston strumaround, and recorded it in Summer of 07, using a nice synthesiser drone (which could be played by Chas on the pedals). Took till now to get the mix right to my ears.

Dick Greener: October To May

Dick Greener enters the ring with an accapella recreation of the Kidlington Kossacks version of this lovely song from Two Weeks Last Summer

Dick Greener: Where Is This Dream Of Your Youth

... and in the same vein, I got round to thinking how this song could be done acappella too. Forgive the sightly rusty vocals, the feel's the thing !

The Swiss Cottagers: On My Way

Dick Greener's band recorded this early Strawbs number - singer Jacqui Mowbrey with accordionist Martin Hyndman and mandolin/guitarist Nick Bliss

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