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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Updated: 8 Mar 2016

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Latest additions | Alphabetical list of Strawbs/related songs covered
Geoff Alexander | Cover versions (everyone else!) | Music inspired by ...
Strawberry Fools | Dick Greener | Ralph Tonge | David Claridge | Les Cotton | Pete Rand

Vivien Scotson - Lay Down

Scottish singer songwriter Vivien Scotson put a gentle version of this Strawbs big-hitter as video up onto YouTube, and has very kindly agreed to having it on Strawbsweb as an audio file. More about Vivien at

George Hogg - The Smile You Left Behind

Another contribution from George, this time Dave's delicate, very personal tribute to his father

George Hogg - Shine On Silver Sun

A spectacularly well done version of this anthemic song, with a Lambert-like extended electric guitar instrumental coda

Rick Sarlo and Frank Muscato - You And I When We Were Young

A nicely done version of this Ghosts track from Rick (guitars and bass) and Frank (vocals and piano) - different running order of verses but I think it works well

Winterflora - Two Weeks Last Summer - ON SOUNDCLOUD

A lovely dreamy interpretation of this from Rapunzel and Sedayne of Winterflora (aka Sean and Rachel) - excellent Denny-esque vocals, with beeautifully played guitar and fiddle

David Lewis - Hanging In The Gallery

A simple treatment with voice, guitar and a hint of keyboard from David Lewis

Tom McCaughley: New World

New contributor Tom McCaughley has recorded this on a Boss BR600 reorder earlier this year

Tom McCaughley: Witchwood

The second of Tom's contributions - another classic Strawbs track

The Strawberry Fools - Will Ye Go

For Heather Malcolm's birthday in 2009, some of the Strawberry Fools got their act (virtually) together and recorded this cover of the B-side of "Part Of The Union"

Bob Polchinski - I Only Want My Love To Grow In You

A piano-based treatment of this classic Strawbs pop song

Fine Kettle Of Fish -The Flower And The Young Man

Stuart Douglas sent me this nicely produced version of "Flower" recorded by his band, with a plaintive fiddle picking up what would have been the keyboard part. For more from the band - check out:

Noel Chidwick - Grace Darling

A nice, simple guitar and vocal treatment of this Strawbs classic.

Vince Fabiano - Thirty Days

Vince Fabiano from New York contributes this "oft-overlooked" track from the classic From The Witchwood. Lots of lovely mellotron and sitar.

Hollow Earth - The River /Down By The Sea

Based in Norfolk Hollow Earth's stage show features such 70s and 80s bands as Strawbs, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Jethro Tull, Focus and more. Stewart Burchell, their keyboard player sent me this really impressive "from the desk" live recording of a heavy Strawbs classic. Check out their website.

Dick Greener & Pete Rand - Martin Luther King's Dream

A nother web-enabled collaboration, this time between Dick and Pete - I recorded the original track and Pete supplied some piano and keyboard noodling. But most importantly he had the idea of including some of the great man's actual speech ...

Bob Polchinksi - Further Down The Road

Bob has produced this simply with a gentle piano backing

Rick Sarlo - Grace Darling

US fan Rick Sarlo enters the fray with a nice cover of Grace.

Wychwood: Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Wychwood are a folk duo - well known Strawbs fan Kevin West on guitars, percussion and Lyndsay Hemphill on vocals - who've tackled the iconic Sandy Denny song, taken from a demo CD he gave me, and come through with flying colours. Lyndsay's voice is clear and strong (that final note!) and Kevin, on this track sticks to fairly basic rhythm acoustic.

Peter Rand and Ralph Tonge: The River

A collaboration between Pete Rand and Ralph Tonge produces a great take on an iconic Strwabs number

Venereum Arvum - Two Weeks Last Summer

Rachel McCarron sings; Sean Breadin plays the (Hungarian Dulcimer). They've been singing this around the singarounds of Northern England for a year or so. This version was recorded at Granny's Bay, Lytham St. Annes, on Sunday 9th December 2007

Creeping Bentgrass - Stormy Down

John Burke of the band Creeping Bentgrass sent this through - their homepage is:

Mateusz Malek - The Flower And The Young Man

Mateusz has sent in another highly accomplished cover - this time showcasing lush harmony vocals and convincing keyboards as well as an additional feature not found on the original - tasteful fuzz guitar.

Giles Field - Martin Luther King's Dream

Colin Field's son Giles (full name David Giles Field - named after Dave Cousins ) did a cover of this for his dad's Christmas present. Part of the present was the one off CD cover. Click on the thumbnail for a bigger version.

Giles has made a couple of home recorded CDs, as an "acoustic lo-fi" artist and has a myspace page

Mateusz Malek- Benedictus

An excellent cover of Benedictus from newcomer Mateusz Malek, with a great acapella fade out.

Elizabeth Bryson - Lay Down

A gentle piano-based reworking of this Strawbs' classic from Elizabeth, who is a musician and songwriter and "Lay Down" is one of her favorite Strawbs songs

Bob Polchinski - Grace Darling

Bob bought some recording software and his thoughts turned naturally to this classic Strawbs track ....

Bob Polchinski - Here Today Gone Tomorrow

A second track from Bob, this time from Deja Fou

Derek Eynon - The Hangman And The Papist

Derek Eynon spent a day in a new studio in Bromsgrove recording this - he plays 2 acoustics, mandolin, bass and vocals (not all at the same time of course ...)

Tim Wilson & Friends - The Hangman And The Papist

The first of two from Tim Wilson - he says: "My friend Clare sang this for the one and only time after a bottle of wine...I took the tape home and added other instruments later. Ade was on percussion"

Tim Wilson & Friends - The Battle

Tim says: "My friend Lori sang this to her acoustic guitar in Florida...then she sent the tape over to England and told me to add some I had a go."

Michael Roberts: New World

Michael Lippus sent me this version of "New World" as performed by his good friend Michael Roberts, who plays all instruments and sings all vocals. He is a musician in Cleveland, Ohio, a Strawbs fan for the past 30-plus years, covering Strawbs songs back in 1977-78 (in his band at the time, Crystalwood), doing "Lay Down" and "Cut Like A Diamond."

Geoff Alexander and Joe Bruno: If

A collaboration between Joe Bruno who provided the backing and Geoff who provided the vocals

Simon Carey: If

Simon's version of this soon to be classic Cousins love song from Deja Fou

Chris Rickert: Autumn

Chris Rickert, another Witchwood regular, produced this instrumental version of "Autumn"

Myerlin: Charmer

Jon Buryk send us this version of "Charmer" recorded back in the '70s by his dad's band

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