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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Updated: 13 Feb 2012

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Latest additions | Alphabetical list of Strawbs/related songs covered
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Strawberry Fools | Dick Greener | Ralph Tonge | David Claridge | Les Cotton | Pete Rand

Ralph Tonge - A Glimpse Of Heaven

Strawberry Fools guitarist Ralph Tonge has produced this version of the Strawbs classic "A Glimpse of Heaven"

Ralph Tonge: Further Down The Road

This modern Cousins number was recorded very simply by Ralph in his new minimalist approach.

Ralph Tonge: Hard Hard Winter

The preferred version of this new cover from Ralph is a fairly simple and minimal treatment as well. One of my favourite tracks from Deep Cuts.

Ralph Tonge: Blue Angel

Ralph has made a magificent job of this - probably one of the most epic and daunting pieces Cousins has ever written.

Ralph Tonge - The Night

A first for Strawbsweb, a cover version from Ralph of an upbeat pop number from Lambert Cronk's Touch The Earth album.

Ralph Tonge - Time And Life

Still with the Deadlines period, but as heard on the demo on Taste in a more stripped back form, tyhis is the sort of title track from the album (the one with the word "deadlines" in the lyrics).

Ralph Tonge - Words Of Wisdom

Ralph has turned his attention to the Deadlines period, and here's a version of this piece, rescued for Deadlines after being discarded from the original long version of "Shine On Silver Sun".

Ralph Tonge, Les Cotton and Pete Rand - Cut Like A Diamond

Starting out with Ralph, Les and Pete have added their magic to this one.

Ralph Tonge - Mother Mild

Another first - the first Hudson Ford song on Strawbsweb. Ralph played this while the Strawberry Fools were up in Yorkshire rehearsing - a lovely song, one of Hud's best ever in my view.

Ralph Tonge & Dick Greener - Another Day Without You

A web-enabled collaboration between Ralph and Dick - Ralph recorded the original track and Dick did the middle eight and backing vocals

Ralph Tonge - There Will Come The Day

One of two just received from Ralph - he's tried for a slightly harder interpretation a sort of attempt at how the Hero And Heroine line up could re-interpret this song...

Ralph Tonge - Deadly Nightshade

A Deadlines favourite - with lots of crunchy organ, Lambert-style lead (particularly tasty solo on the outro), and some splashy Coombes-style cymbals.

Peter Rand and Ralph Tonge: The River

A collaboration between Pete Rand and Ralph Tonge produces a great take on an iconic Strwabs number

Ralph Tonge: Starshine

A first, I think - the first Chas Cronk so be covered by one of our contributors

Ralph Tonge: The Flower And The Young Man

A reinterpretation of this song from Ralph - lots of swirly keyboard figures and jangly guitar then a lengthy instrumental coda instead of the usual accapella finish.

Ralph Tonge: Flying

New software on Ralph's computer (Ableton Live for those interested) has produced yet another oeuvre from Ralph - the opening track from Bursting At The Seams.

Ralph Tonge: Autumn

Ralph has recorded the whole of the Strawbs classic "Autumn" from Hero And Heroine

Ralph Tonge: The Shepherd's Song

The emergence of three new versions (Cousins & Cutler, Secret Paths, Acoustic Strawbs) of this From the Witchwood track, long neglected in the live repertoire inspierd Ralph to produce his own take.

David Claridge and Ralph Tonge: Evergreen

A collaboration between David and Ralph. Very topical steel guitar sound given the new DC album. Clraidge reports that: "Ralph played both 'twiddly parts' on his acoustic (directly injected into my Zoom). Also the chorused strum that kicks in on the chorus was Ralph's acoustic. I played solitary finger picky thing in the background- miked up my takamine, and open legged harmonies with myself (when I was alone at home!)."

Ralph Tonge - Heroine's Theme

Ralph's been working on this atmospheric cover of the brooding instrumental which starts off the Autumn suite. (We know he can the play the other bits too, so watch this space ...)

Ralph Tonge - Finking Of You

I was musing on the Witchwood one day about how I'd always thought Dave's wistful "(Wasting My Time) Thinking Of You" might sound good with a Monks-style backing, and then Ralph has a rush of blood to the head and does it ..... LOL

Ralph Tonge - Not All The Flowers Grow

And in a rather different vein from Ralph, one of the loveliest songs on Taste 40 years on from the Aberfan disaster which inspired it

Ralph Tonge - Can You Believe

Ralph's mellow version of one of my favourite tracks from Hummingbird

Ralph Tonge: We'll Meet Again Sometime

A version of this song by Ralph Tonge, mixed by Les Cotton

Ralph Tonge: On My Way

Some nice sitar-like noises on this offering from Ralph, especially the outro

Ralph Tonge: The Golden Salamander

A nice rendition of this favourite from the Acoustic set

Ralph Tonge and Les Cotton: Shine On Silver Sun

Ralph and Les have collaborated without meeting to produce this version of "Shine On Silver Sun"

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