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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Updated: 8 Mar 2016

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Latest additions | Alphabetical list of Strawbs/related songs covered
Geoff Alexander | Cover versions (everyone else!) | Music inspired by ...
Strawberry Fools | Dick Greener | Ralph Tonge | David Claridge | Les Cotton | Pete Rand

Vivien Scotson - Lay Down

Scottish singer songwriter Vivien Scotson put a gentle version of this Strawbs big-hitter as video up onto YouTube, and has very kindly agreed to having it on Strawbsweb as an audio file. More about Vivien at

George Hogg - The Smile You Left Behind

Another contribution from George, this time Dave's delicate, very personal tribute to his father

George Hogg - Shine On Silver Sun

A spectacularly well done version of this anthemic song, with a Lambert-like extended electric guitar instrumental coda

Rick Sarlo and Frank Muscato - You And I When We Were Young

A nicely done version of this Ghosts track from Rick (guitars and bass) and Frank (vocals and piano) - different running order of verses but I think it works well

Geoff Alexander - Tell Me What You See In Me (video)

Ever wonder what long time contributor Geoff Alexander looks like? Well now you can find out with this YouTube video link .. excellent cover, Geoff.

David Claridge - Grace Darling

Forget "One-Take Wakeman" - "One-Take" Claridge has done a splendid job on this live cover of "Grace Darling".

David Claridge - Two Weeks Last Summer

Claridge has turned his attention to this number from Dave's 1972 solo album - the Fools rehearsed this a while back and found it so dreamy we drifted off - perhaps it was the Stella ....{grin}

Ralph Tonge - A Glimpse Of Heaven

Strawberry Fools guitarist Ralph Tonge has produced this version of the Strawbs classic "A Glimpse of Heaven"

Winterflora - Two Weeks Last Summer - ON SOUNDCLOUD

A lovely dreamy interpretation of this from Rapunzel and Sedayne of Winterflora (aka Sean and Rachel) - excellent Denny-esque vocals, with beeautifully played guitar and fiddle

David Claridge - The Weary Song - ON SOUNDCLICK

Claridge has really nailed one of my favourite early Strawbs numbers

David Claridge - This Song Is Sung For Me

One of Cousins' bitter classics

David Claridge - The Journey's End

The closing number from Grave New World, reinterpreted by Mr Claridge

David Lewis - Hanging In The Gallery

A simple treatment with voice, guitar and a hint of keyboard from David Lewis

Tom McCaughley: New World

New contributor Tom McCaughley has recorded this on a Boss BR600 reorder earlier this year

Tom McCaughley: Witchwood

The second of Tom's contributions - another classic Strawbs track

David Claridge - Absent Friend

A powerful solo rendition of this Nomadness tune stripped down to just Claridge's voice and guitar.

Ralph Tonge: Further Down The Road

This modern Cousins number was recorded very simply by Ralph in his new minimalist approach.

Ralph Tonge: Hard Hard Winter

The preferred version of this new cover from Ralph is a fairly simple and minimal treatment as well. One of my favourite tracks from Deep Cuts.

Ralph Tonge: Blue Angel

Ralph has made a magificent job of this - probably one of the most epic and daunting pieces Cousins has ever written.

The Strawberry Fools - Will Ye Go

For Heather Malcolm's birthday in 2009, some of the Strawberry Fools got their act (virtually) together and recorded this cover of the B-side of "Part Of The Union"

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