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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Only albums in which Dave Cousins is involved are listed - Conny has made a huge number of albums over his 40 year career. Tracks featuring Dave Cousins (or which later appear on Dave Cousins albums) are in bold.

  • Conny Conrad & Friends: Generations 1
  • Dark Ocean: Cosmica
  • Conny Conrad & Friends: Generations 2
  • Conny Conrad & Friends: Rock For Your Children
  • Conny Conrad & Friends: Generations 3
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    Generations 3 coverCONNY CONRAD & FRIENDS: GENERATIONS 3

    1. Years of Love (with David Blair)
    2. Oneway Ticket to Paradise (with Audiobabe)
    3. Edenworld (with AnnA)
    4. Lift Up Your Life (with Gerd Kannemann)
    5. Bloodless Sun (with Dave Cousins)
    6. Another Year Went By (with Willi Meyer)
    7. Written in Stone
    8. Will You Know (with Avanna)
    9. Stay or Go (with David Blair)
    10. Wildest Dreams (with Alex Conti)
    11. The Future (with Avanna)
    12. Avatar (with Fritz Duenner)
    13. God Will Stay (with Friends)


    This is a charity recording "Rock For Your Children", proceeds from which will be used to combat child poverty. Various famous names from the world of rock have contributed, including our own Dave Cousins. Visit this website where you can listen to clips, buy individual MP3s or the whole album in MP3 form:

    The worldwide work against child poverty has its own melody now: "Rock For Your Children" - the charity song initiative of Conny Conrad... 6 different versions of Conny Conrad's new rock anthem which he wrote, composed and produced as ambassador of "rock against child poverty" with national and international famous artists.

    The sales of the CD and downloads will enable to fund defined projects against child poverty. You will hear worldwide established names like SANDRA ("Maria Magdalena"), STEFAN ZAUNER (Münchener Freiheit), MICK ROGERS (Manfred Mann´s Earthband), DAVE COUSINS (The Strawbs), JOE LYNN TURNER (ex-Rainbow), DAVID READMAN (Pink Cream 69), YVONNE DURAND (Zed Yago) and newcomers like YEOMEN, HELENA MACE and TSHASI. This exceptional "All-Stars-Choir" - you´ve never found before - combined with first-class professional musicians like OVE BOSCH on bass, RICHY DENIS on drums and JO BAUMANN (studio) - they all deliver the hit to a good cause!

    The German EU-parliamentarian MICHAEL THEURER is the first patron of this initiative followed by several remarkable regional patrons plus greetings from the German Federal Minister for Labor and Social Affairs, Mrs. Dr. URSULA VON DER LEYEN who say it clear: "Join together and buy the song - "Rock for your children" to support the poorest children all over the world! more info:

    Conny commented on its release:

    This is not a benefit organisation. "Rock For Your Children" is just a song, a melody which can be used by everyone in the world who does anything against child poverty. This can be a single man up to companies or big benefit organisations like UNICEF and so on. They can buy the CD and re-sell it. They can use their sales income for their own purposes against child poverty.

    Sales from the normal market (amazon, stores) or download (iTunes, musicload etc.) will arrive on our account which we will use for projects against child poverty wherever in the world. Every year end we will release the amount on the Rock For Your Children website and organisations can make contact with us.

    The CD/the song is a "tool" to give the aid for child poverty a voice, physical and psychological. Like "Born to be wild" (Steppenwolf) This song has been used everywhere when you see or hear something about motorbiking. "Rock For Your Children" - the anthem against child poverty. That´s it.

    We go on producing different versions. At the moment we have the rock version, the ballad, the instrumental-rock-version, acapella and karaoke on the CD. Now we will produce a Dance-version, an unplugged acoustic-guitar-version, a relaxation-version and a complex one: "Classic For Your Children" with a string ensemble.

    Track listing

    1. Rock For Your Children - rock version
    2. Rock For Your Children - ballad version
    3. Rock For Your Children - instrumental version
    4. Rock For Your Children - accapella version
    5. Rock For Your Children - karaoke rock version
    6. Rock For Your Children - karaoke ballad version

    Weblinks relating to Rock For Your Children

  • listen to/buy Rock For Your Children MP3s
  • listen to/buy Rock For Your Children CD
  • Generations 2 coverCONNY CONRAD & FRIENDS: GENERATIONS 2

    Track listing

    1. Watching You Watch Over Me (feat. Paul Roberts)
    2. When the World Is Out Of Round (feat. David Surkamp)
    3. Open Your Heart (feat. Judith Hildebrandt)
    4. Deep Inside (feat. Dave Cousins)
    5. Where The Eagle Flies (feat. Mick Rogers)
    6. Flight Into The Sun (feat.Helena Mace)
    7. Endless Road To Nowhere (feat.Herman Stones)
    8. This Is My Time (feat. Chris Dietrich)
    9. Message Of God (feat.Reno Rock)
    10. Space Patrol Suite

    Cosmica coverDARK OCEAN: COSMICA

    Track listing

    1. Back To The Stars
    2. A New Sun
    3. Seven Cosmic Gates
    4. The Cosmic Gate
    5. Message Of God
    6. Cosmica
    7. Bloodless Sun
    8. The Wise Men
    9. The Night Came In
    10. Why Does It Hurt
    11. Skip To My Lou
    12. The Cosmic Suite

    Generations 1 coverCONNY CONRAD & FRIENDS: GENERATIONS 1

    Track listing

    1. Where The Eagle Flies : Feat. Mick Rogers
    2. On The Horizon : Feat. Dave Cousins
    3. All Of My Life : Feat. Rita Van Nek
    4. One Way Ticket To Paradise : Feat. David Hanselmann
    5. The World Is Falling Down : Feat. Electra
    6. Forgotten Days : Feat. Steve Brooks
    7. The Fall : Feat. David Hanselmann
    8. Don't Go : Feat. Elly Wilson
    9. Turn The Page : Feat. Dave Cousins
    10. Can It Be Love : Feat. Rita Van Nek
    11. Fallen Angels : Feat. David Hanselmann
    12. The Feng Shui Symphony : Instrumental

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