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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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UK vinyl
  • UK promo release
  • UK release
  • US vinyl
  • US full release
  • US stereo/mono promo
  • Europe vinyl
  • German releases
  • Portuguese release
  • Other vinyl
  • South African release
  • Angolan release
  • Guatemalan release
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    UK promo release

    "Free Spirit"/"Dark Lord"
    (AMS 7130, A&M, 23 Oct 1974)

    UK release

    "Free Spirit"/"Dark Lord"
    (AMS 7130, A&M, 23 Oct 1974)


    US promo

    "Free Spirit US promo [stereo]"/" Free Spirit US promo [mono]"
    (1668, A&M, 1974)

    US full release (*) (AB)

    "Free Spirit"/"Floating In The Wind"
    (1668, A&M, 1974)


    German promo release

    "Free Spirit"/"Dark Lord"
    (A&M 13 583 AT, 1974)

    Dark blue front cover with nice pic; not terribly attaractive back cover with typed details about the Free Spirit album.

    Portuguese release

    "Free Spirit"/"Dark Lord"
    (8E 006 95980 MG, A&M/Valentim De Carvalho, 1974)

    weird montage of balloons at a festival, with a clip from a Strawbs era pic, Hud in a "Teddy Boy" jacket.


    South African release

    "Free Spirit"/"Dark Lord"
    (AMRS1119, A&M (South Africa), 1974)

    Further images to follow.


    Angolan release

    "Free Spirit"/"Dark Lord"
    (8E 006 95980 MF, A&M/Valentim De Carvalho (Angola), 1974)

    Is this the ONLY Strawbs-related release in Angola?

    Good thick quality card sleeve, with a little thin paper protective sleeve inside (much better than those little plastic half moons which always scrunch up when you try to put the record inside the main sleeve.) Front cover identical and back cover nearly identical to the Portuguese release (Angola used to be a Portuguese overseas territory, and about the time of this single's release was just coming to the end of its war of independence. In April 1974, a new regime came to power in Lisbon and ceased all military action in West Africa.) Only differences are that (a) the catalogue number top right (which s the Portuguese number not the number on the labelof thisrelease) has been mirrored upside down, and the manufacturing credit says it was produced by Valentim De Carvalho (Angola) LDA.

    Labels are brown A&M, again very similar indeed to the Portuguese release (looks like they may start from the same blanks, then add the record's details as necessary in slightly differing typography). Note that the label catalogue number is different - 8E 006-95980 MF not MG. And they've credited the band as HUDSO FORD!

    Guatemalan release (*)

    "Free Spirit"/"Floating In The Wind"
    (1668-S, A&M/Discos De Centroamerica SA (Guatemala), 1974)

    Spotted online. This release replaced "Dark Lord" with the more pop-friendly "Floating In The Wind".

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