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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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A&M, 1972

Here It comes

Release date: 21 Apr 1972 (UK)

UK vinyl
  • UK release
  • UK white label test pressing
  • Europe vinyl
  • German release
  • Italian release ("Benedictus" as B-side)
  • Asia Pacific vinyl
  • Australian release
  • New Zealand release
  • Other vinyl
  • South African release
  • Kenyan release
  • Another trip into the studio after the release of Grave New World and the UK-wide tour to promote it, produced an out and out pop single, the precursor of "Lay Down" in many ways. "Here It Comes" was included on the compilations Strawbs By Choice and the UK version of Halcyon Days.

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    UK vinyl

    "Here It Comes"/"Tomorrow"
    (AMS 7002, A&M, April 1972)
    UK release

    Released in the UK with a straightforward company sleeve only. (There MAY have been promotional copies, but I have never seen one.)

    uk uk

    White label test pressing

    A badly stained, poor condition white label test pressing of the UK single.

    Europe vinyl

    "Here It Comes"/"Tomorrow"
    (12155 AT, A&M, no date)
    German release

    Most likely released to coincide with either the 1972 release of the album Grave New World in Germany, or the festivals/concerts which the band played in continental Europe in the summer of '72.

    "Here It Comes"/"Benedictus"
    (45032 AT, A&M, no date)
    Italian release

    As above. The photograph (same as used on the German issue and the Japanese "Keep The Devil Outside") has been used the other way round here (ie reversed left to right).

    Asia Pacific vinyl

    "Here It Comes"/"Tomorrow"
    (AMK-4703, A&M/Festival, Australia, 1972)
    Australian release (*)

    Listed on Festival Records discography and spotted online

    "Here It Comes"/"Tomorrow"
    (AMK-4703, A&M/Festival, New Zealand, 1972)
    New Zealand release

    uk uk

    Other vinyl

    "Here It Comes"/"Tomorrow"
    (AMRS 1020, A&M, 1972)
    South African release

    Released in South Africa. My copy came with a plain white sleeve - may have had an A&M company sleeve.

    "Here It Comes"/"Tomorrow"
    (AMS 7002, A&M, 1972)
    Kenyan release

    It may not have been in released in US or Canada, but Kenya got in there. My copy came in a plain sleeve. Maybe this is what was behind the song Dave Lambert wrote for Dancing To The Devil's Beat ("The Man Who Would Never Leave Grimsby"):

    Got a letter from a boy
    From a village in Kenya
    He was such a fan
    So smitten by the band
    They called him the Strawbs Boy
    And that made him proud
    He would play us loud
    In the letter Lucky wrote
    That he'd been to Nairobi
    Which I found quite sad
    Because he said he looked around
    But he couldn't see me
    With a faith like that
    How I wish he had

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