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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Release date: 4 Mar 2022 - available both on CD and vinyl - order from Renaissance Records.

This album was kickstarted by Chas’s release of his new song “Liberty” on Facebook, which proved very popular and prompted US label Renaissance Records to get in touch about a possible EP. Chas added a couple of tracks based on previous work: a finished version of his demo of “Everybody Knows” which had been recorded by Strawbs on Broken Hearted Bride (the recent re-issue of BHB has the early version of the demo).

There’s also “A Splash Of Blue”, which was on the Lambert Cronk album Touch The Earth and featured Dave Lambert on guitar. “Liberty” was also included as a bonus track on the CD version of the 2021 Strawbs album “Settlement”.

Having heard the four tracks, Renaissance floated the idea of making it an album – rather than look for further existing material to rework, Chas decided to record new positive, upbeat tracks, to counteract the grim lockdown experience in which they were recorded. One of these – “Slipping Downstream” has some lead guitar from fellow Strawb Dave Bainbridge, who was staying over with Chas for some Strawbs rehearsals, and there’s some live drumming from Chas’s mate Major Baldini (who I met at a Strawbs warm-up or a Roy Hill gig at the Royal Oak in Isleworth – can’t recall which).

There’s an interview by Chas about the album on YouTube.

Review by Lindsay Sorrell on the Chas Cronk reviews page

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  1. Liberty (5:40)
  2. Take My Hand (5:27)
  3. Lambert Cronk: A Splash Of Blue(4:59)
  4. Everybody Knows (4:32)
  5. Flying Free (2:23)


  1. Into The Light (4:44)
  2. Slipping Downstream (4:48)
  3. Away (5:25)
  4. System Overload (4:21)
  5. Reverie (2:18)


  • Vinyl release
  • Test pressing
  • CD
  • CD release
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    Vinyl release

    Vinyl: Renaissance Records, 2022. Details to follow.


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    Inner sleeve

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    Test pressing

    Test pressing: Renaissance Records, 2022. A small number of these available on the Renaissance website - details to follow.


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    CD release

    CD: Renaissance Records, 2022. The CD comes with a 8-page booklet, with lyrics, photos and a Chas Cronk discography.



    Tray back and CD

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