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A&M, 1974

Cherie Je T'Aime
  • UK promo release
  • UK release
  • Canadian promo release ("Cherie Je T'Aime")
  • Canadian release ("Cherie Je T'Aime")
  • "Grace Darling" was recorded at Charterhouse School, and features its organ. To promote the single, Dave tells us in the sleeve notes to the 1998 CD re-issue of Ghosts, they recorded a promotional video on board a lifeboat (the video hasn't survived, but a few of the stills have).

    The song was re-recorded with French lyrics as "Cherie Je T'Aime", principally to please the Strawbs' French Canadian fans and backed with instrumental "Heroine" (aka "Heroine's Theme")(see below).

    UK Releases

    "Grace Darling"/"Changes Arranges" [sic, see note below]
    (AMS 7139, A&M, 1974)

    There was a promotional version, giving the release date as 1 Nov 1974.

    The B-side was a Rod Coombes song which didn't make the album. Entitled "Changes Arranges" on the 45, the 1998 CD re-issue of Ghosts restored the song's apparently correct title "Changes Arrange Us".

    UK promo releases

    A&M were getting slightly cheaper - instead of a promo sleeve like the old days, this came with a typed insert.

    White label test pressing

    Also in my collection, a white label test copy.

    UK release

    Non-UK Releases

    Canadian ("Cherie Je T'Aime") promo release

    David Cousins et Strawbs: "Cherie Je T'Aime"/"Heroine" (aka "Heroine's Theme"
    (AM 390-S, A&M, 1975)

    This was the re-recorded French version of "Grace Darling" produced for the French Canadian market by A&M Canada. Thanks to Marc Moreau for the promo and the info.

    The French lyrics are included in Dave Cousins' poetry collection "The Bruising Of Hearts, The Losing Of Races".

    Canadian Release copy

    David Cousins et Strawbs: "Cherie Je T'Aime"/"Heroine" (aka "Heroine's Theme"
    (AM 390-S, A&M, 1975)

    Thanks to Pierre Alexander Tremblay for the photocopy of the full release.

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