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Posters and flyers - the wall-covering of choice for the adolescent music/pop fan. A selection of record company promo posters, gig posters and handbills over the years. Once upon a time size was no object - these days, as printing cost mount, A5 flyers are more common.

Press kits biogs

Purple prose from purposeful publicists - sent out to potential booking agents, and to the record shop trade

Record company catalogues

Relevant pages from record company catalogues

10 x 8 promotion photos

8x10s of the various incarnations of the Strawbs and related artists/bands, from folk/psych through to AOR rockers

Music Press poster ads

The latest release or upcoming tour would be announced in the music press and often there would be a full or half page ad as well. Strawbs scored some very well designed ads in their time - A&M in particular used to have great design in the 70s.

Music Mag and Annuals articles

Strawbs had good publicity and the band found their way into many of the musician-oriented magazines, particularly Beat Instrumental and the prog/rock mags. During their "Part Of The Union"-fuelled teen/glam/pop heyday, they also shared headlines with the likes of the Osmonds and David Cassidy in teen magazines, and annuals, published late each year - but dated the following year in order to maximise sales - for the Christmas market. Some good, some pretty dreadful - the Strawbs intruded briefly into this world for a while in the early 70s ...

Newsletters and Fanzines

  • Strawbs Information Service Newsletters 1986-2000 - before the web, Denise and Sandy ran SIS - you sent in a stamped addressed envelope, you got the next newsletter back - Brian Cairney saved every single one .....
  • Fanzines - Strawbs had three fan magazines - the excellent Simple Visions which Anne Steichen produced, a one off by Brian Cairney and the sadly truncated three-issue run of Heather Malcolm's Jamming
  • Published sheet music - work in progress

    Strawbs and related sheet music (covers only)

    Badges, stickers, plectrums and other stuff

    All kinds of everything remind me of ... Strawbs! Promotional freebies - badges (buttons or pins to those in the US) and stickers were all the rage, and for the lucky few - access all areas passes. ...

    Trading cards

    Small scale cards featuring our heroes ... think modern-day super-hero trading cards, or Brooke Bond PG Tips cards ...

    Stage passes - work in progress

    A little talisman like one of these got you backstage to meet and greet your heros ...


    Mugs away! A new feature on Strawbs-related coffee mugs

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