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"Ten by eights" were common currency in the music world in those days - a bunch of dodgy looking teenagers, moodily loitering near an old Transit van, captured in black and white - fame was assured ...

Strawbs - The Early A&M Years (1968-1973)

Some classic, iconic shots from early days to the post-Part Of The Union split

Strawbs - The Later A&M Years (1973-1975)

The Hero And Heroine line-up through to Nomadness

Strawbs - Oyster And Beyond (1976-1980)

Both Oyster and Arista kept up the tradition

Strawbs - latter days (1980s onwards)

A few from the days after the Re-Union

Acoustic Strawbs

Acoustic Strawbs promotional pics

Related bands

A few promos of Dave & Brian, Hudson Ford and other related bands

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