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1968 to mid-1972

From the earliest days to just before Lay Down

Lay Down and Part Of The Union

The Strawbs' two great hit singles

mid 1973 to 1975

After the break-up to the end of the A&M years

1976 to 1980

The Oyster and Arista years, plus The King private pressing

Later years

The late 80s Virgin singles and up to date with Alice's Song

I always swore I wouldn't get caught up collecting singles ... but it's insidiously easy to get started. Many of the Strawbs' B-sides don't appear on album, so you have to get those. And those Japanese releases are always so nicely produced.... before you know it you're hooked, spending your time on eBay, Gemm or Discogs buying strange promo copies of "Part Of The Union" and paying out cash dollars, Yen or Yugoslav dinar hand over fist.

In this section you'll find scans and other info on all the single releases known to me (most of which I now own). Where pictures are featured, you can click on them to see a larger version and read the detail. If there are any corrections or missing items, please contact

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and let me know.


A number of kind people have supplied me with information, or sold me/let me have copies of singles, for which many thanks - particular thanks are due to:

  • Dave Passmore - for access to his extensive collection
  • Brian Cairney - for his helpful discography and for selling me his extensive collection
  • Alison Brown - for her huge collection and loads of help.

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    . Click on my name to e-mail me.