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Strawbs Timeline

A new feature for Strawbsweb: from the combinsation of Dave Cousins' diaries and personal records and Dick Greener's research, a detailed day by day account of the Strawbs' history. Work in progress, currently up to 1971.

History of the Strawbs

Check out the long and varied history of the Strawbs, from the early days of bluegrass to the unique fusion of rock and folk they became. With archive photographs from members of the band's own collections.

Family Tree

Dwight Hodge created this detailed family tree of the Strawbs, logging all the movements of members in and out, as well as placing related bands in their context. Available in both HTML and Acrobat formats.


Biographies and photographs of each current band member.

A-Z of the Strawbs

A listing of all the Strawbs with brief biographies.

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