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sample MP3s - try before you buy

Samples from Dancing To The Devil's Beat

A few extracts from Strawbs' 40th anniversary album, produced by Chris Tsangarides

Samples from The Boy In The Sailor Suit

Dave's splendid solo album, recorded with the Blue Angel Orchestra, released 25 June 2007

Tasters of A Taste of Strawbs

Strawbs' 4CD Boxed Set (with bonus 5th CD), A Taste Of Strawbs was released on 13 November 2006 - a few short samples from this long awaited treat ...

Other Strawbs downloads

A few short sample clips in MP3 format of Strawbs tracks from various Witchwood Media albums

Related downloads

Short sample clips in MP3 format of Strawb-related artists' music from Witchwood Media albums


Radio shows and interviews

A small selection of radio broadcasts and interviews from radio/internet radio and elsewhere.

FAN DOWNLOADS - cover versions by Strawbs fans

Fan downloads

Downloadable cover versions by Strawbs fans - send your creations to:

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then send an e-mail to to let him know there's something there. Please DON'T send the MP3 file directly to the usual e-mail address.

Christmas downloads

Some seasonal Strawb-related music for Christmas time


Strawbs & Related wallpaper

You can download Strawbs wallpaper for your desktop and submit your own designs.

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