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Tony Fernandez interview

Lindsay's latest interview - with Strawbs drummer Tony Fernandez

Dave Cousins Facebook interview
26 June 2010

Interview via Facebook conducted by Roch Parisien

Dave Cousins interview

Phil Hewitt, Entertainments Editor of the Chichester Observer interviews Dave Cousins during the Oct/Nov "package tour" with Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash and Focus

Dead Like Harry interview

Lindsay's latest interview - with former Strawbs support Dead Like Harry

Roy Hill interview

Lindsay's latest interview - an in depth chat with Roy Hill ahead of his Brentford solo gig on 25 Sep 09

Oliver Wakeman interview

During the recent UK tour Lindsay sat down with "new boy" Oliver to find out more about him ...

Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby interview

An interview with Cathryn and Brian conducted by Lindsay Sorrell - May 2009


Dave Lambert - 30th Anniversary Feature

How Lambert joined the Strawbs and the first official gig at Watford Town Hall on 28 Sep 1972

Lambert's first photoshoot

Glam boys and the red velvet jacket

Watford Town Hall, 28 Sep 1972

Photos from the first gig Lambert played with the Strawbs

Dave Lambert's Guitar Collection

Check out DL's tasty guitar collection - photos and commentary by Dave

Look East Young Man

Japan, Korea and Thailand's love affair with the Strawbs


John Hawken interview

Young Person's Introduction To Strawbs by Amanda Baughn - 2003

John Ford interview

An interview with John Ford by Lindsay Sorrell - 18th December 2004

John Hawken interview

Memories From The Road by Amanda Baughn - 2004

Dave Lambert interview

A chat with Dave Lambert by Amanda Baughn - 2005

Richard Hudson interview

An interview with Richard Hudson by Lindsay Sorrell - May 2005

Dave Lambert interview

An interview with Dave Lambert by Lindsay Sorrell - December 2005

Brian Willoughby interview

An interview with Brian Willoughby by Lindsay Sorrell - February 2006

Dave Lambert/Fire interview

An interview with Dave Lambert by Lindsay Sorrell about the Fire re-union project - August 2007

Tony Hooper interview

An interview with Tony Hooper conducted by Lindsay Sorrell - December 2007

John Ford Big Hit In India review and interview

A review of John's new album and an interview conducted by Judi Cuervo - January 2009

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