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From the Strawbs' first A&M album to Bursting At The Seams - some classic albums charting the Strawbs' journey from folk to rock.


From Hero And Heroine to Old School Songs - the Strawbs' rock years, including some of their most popular recordings.


Not much in the 80's picking up in the 90s, including the release at last of Heartbreak Hill and reissues of early Strawberry Hill Boys material and the (now) rare Cousins & Willoughby album The Bridge.


Strawbs' own label Witchwood Media takes off with Complete Strawbs (Live at Chiswick), followed by two Acoustic Strawbs CDs, an all-new Strawbs album from the original H&H line-up, and some Cousins collaborations (including one with Rick Wakeman)


A busy three years, including the long awaited boxed set, A Taste Of Strawbs, three Dave Cousins albums and an all new Strawbs set, The Broken Hearted Bride.

2009 - 2012

A busy period for Strawbs releases, with the 40th anniversary studio album with Oliver Wakeman in 2009, and bumper years in 2010 -2012.

2014 to date

New Strawbs album The Ferryman's Curse to be released Nov 2017 - preordering now open

Albums by country

Listings of albums by country (work in progress - Japan so far)

A&M Labels

Information about various A&M labels (work in progress - UK and Canada so far)

Album versions

A list of all the versions pages for easy access.


Which tracks appear on which album.


Compilation albums and CDs.


Information about the various Strawbs bootlegs which have appeared.

Broadcast & Audience

Various broadcast releases including BBC Transcription discs

Various Artists

Various artists/promo albums, on which Strawbs tracks appear

Witchwood Media

Non-Strawbs releases on Witchwood Media

I've fallen prey to "collector mania" and have collected the largest collection (AFAIK) of foreign Strawbs LP releases known to mankind! (all I said on the 45s page goes here - and much much more so!) So if anyone has the Latvian copy of Grave New World, please let me know - it's about the only one I haven't got ...

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