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ALBUMS & CDS - 1980-1999

Strawbs: Don't Say Goodbye
versions page - reviews page

Chord, 1987

Strawbs: Preserves Uncanned
versions page - reviews page
Dirty Linen 1990/RGF 1991

Sandy And The Strawbs
versions page

Hannibal, 1991

Strawbs: Ringing Down The Years
versions page - reviews page

(Virgin Canada, 1991)

Strawbs: Greatest Hits Live
versions page

Road Goes On Forever, 1993

Dave Cousins and Brian Willoughby: The Bridge
versions page - reviews page

Road Goes On Forever, 1994

Strawbs: Heartbreak Hill
versions page - reviews page

Road Goes On Forever, 1995

Strawbs: BBC In Concert
versions page - reviews page

Windsong, 1995

Strawbs: Concert Classics
versions page

Renaissance, 1999

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