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Not released on vinyl.

Dirty Linen
  • Dirty Linen 2x cassette release
  • Road Goes On Forever, 1991
  • Road Goes On Forever 2xcassette release
  • Road Goes On Forever CD release
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    2xcassette release

    original 2 Cassette pack (US only): DL101 (Dirty Linen). White vinyl 2 cassette pack, with white liner card with "playing card queen" design.

    Inners for cassette slip case

    Dirty Linen Dirty Linen


    side 1 side 2
    side 3 side 4


    UK 2 x cassette release

    2 cassette: RGF DMC 003 (Road Goes On Forever, 2-cassette, 1991). Front cover jam jar as CD. Photo of c. 1968 Dave Cousins on back. the first cassette liner has the early photo of Hooper, Cousins and Chesterman, inside there's a track listing and (bizarrely) the penpoint sketch of Cousins c. 1976, by Rod Green from Old School Sings. The second cassette has the tracklist, the advert for Jamming and Dave Cousins autograph (again from Old School Songs). Purchasers of the cassette miss out on the excellent full track by track sleeve notes from Dave Cousins, which are reproduced below.

    Cassette outers

    tray outer
    tray outer

    Cassette inners

    tray inner tray inner


    Tape 1 side 1 Tape 1 side 2
    Tape 2 side 1 Tape 2 side 2

    UK 2CD release

    2CD: RGF DCD 003 (Road Goes On Forever, 2CD, 1991). Front cover shows jam jar with playing card queen label (different to Dirty Linen graphic). NB. label says "Uncanned Preserves". Photo of c. 1968 Dave Cousins on back. Booklet front cover is photo of Dave playing banjo in the open air (near Richmond according to Tony Hooper) and the back cover is an early photo of Hooper, Cousins and Chesterman. The CD booklet contains extensive notes from Dave Cousins interview with John Tobler, with information about each track - see Sleve notes below.

    Tray front and back

    tray front tray back

    Front (p1) and back (p12) of booklet

    Preserves RGF booklet front and back

    Pages 2 and 3 of booklet

    Preserves RGF booklet pp 2 & 3

    Pages 4 and 5 of booklet

    Preserves RGF booklet pp 4 & 5

    Pages 6 and 7 of booklet

    Preserves RGF booklet pp 6 & 7


    CD and sticker

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