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Had to bite the bullet and re-organise this section - far too many contributions to list on one page .... thanks to everyone who's contributed - keep 'em coming

Latest additions

The most recently added fan pieces

Alphabetical list of Strawbs/related songs covered

Getting on for 60 contributions on the site now, with a few duplications - check out whether someone has already had a go at your favourite- can you do better ???

The Geoff Alexander page

By far our most prolific contributor, Geoff has turned his hand to a wide range of classic Strawbs tracks - so many he needs his own page - check it out

The Dick Greener page

Hey, it's my site: I get my own page {grin} !

The Ralph Tonge page

In his own quiet way Ralph has contributed a lot to this section of StrawbsWeb

The David Claridge page

David Claridge has got his Mojo working at last, along with his Zoom recorder, and is now delivering magnum opuses in profusion

The Les Cotton page

Les was an early online collaborator with others - the power of the Net! - and has tackled some of the key Strawbs songs

Cover versions (everyone else)

A range of cover versions from many contributors, including some collaborations between fans from different parts of the globe

Original pieces/non-Strawbs material

Some songs inspired by Strawbs and other contributions

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